Sunday, June 14, 2015


Dear One,
    My Holy Spirit, who is My spiritual umbilical cord from Me to you, never infuses judgment into the lives of My children because I am not the Father of judgment.  I am Love and Love does not judge and does not give to anyone the fear of judgment.  The fear of judgment and judgment itself come from hell.  (II Timothy 1:7) My children who intimately know Me know that the only form of judgment that I give is the spirit of discernment, which is one of the aspects of My Holy Spirit's ministry.  It is the ability to judge between good and evil, recognizing which of your thoughts, attitudes and action comes from My heaven and which come from hell. (John 5:22-30; John 8:15-16)
   Yes, there is an umbilical cord of judgment from hell that binds you to hell and its works.  Jesus taught that emphatically when He said not to judge others or you will be judged.  (Matthew 7:1-2) That kind of judgment is the kind that looks upon another person as being evil in the core of their being, judging them for actions which are against your religious, your social and your civil laws.  That form of judgment will attract judgment upon yourself because you have bound yourself to the person by judging them.  When you judge another person, you make judgment of them an umbilical cord which attaches you to him or her and then you will receive the same destructive judgment of the devil that the person receives.  That truth is the very reason that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, because everyone comes under the influence of evil many times in their lives, including you.  So forgiving others is the antidote for judging others because you have many times acted in disobedience to laws just like the person you judge. 
    Jesus made it clear that you receive the same judgment as someone you judge when He taught that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven.  (Matthew 16:19)In other words, when you bind yourself to another person in your thoughts by the umbilical cord of judging them, then you have bound yourself to the devil's judgment of that person.  It is not My judgment because I never judge anyone.  I always forgive people because Jesus already paid the price of punishment required by religious laws.  He died for every sin, transgression, iniquity and misdeed of everyone who ever lived, you and the people you have made your enemies. 
    You tell your own children not to associate with people who are lawbreakers or they will be arrested, tried and imprisoned.  My admonition to you is the same spiritual advice.  If you judge anyone rather than forgiving the person, then you bind yourself to his or her punishment by the spirit of judgment. Your disgust, criticism and condemnation of the person will release negative hormones into your body and mind that will curse your physical and mental health.  Also, when you do an action against social, civil or religious laws, you will be judged for your own actions because you have unhooked yourself from My umbilical cord and hooked yourself up to the umbilical cord of the devil. 
     My forgiveness is always flowing toward you, even when you have chosen the side of evil by judging My other children.  You have cut yourself off from the benefits of My family when you plug into the evil kingdom of judging.  (I John 2:1-6)  Forgiveness is My attitude toward all law breakers because I understand the pull of the temptations of satan, yes, even the temptation to judge through which you attach yourself to the umbilical cord of hell.
    When you leave My forgiving family and join with the devil's judgment through his umbilical cord of judging, I wait for your return to Me so that My forgiveness will flow again into your being through My umbilical cord of Love. (Matthew 6:12)
    Staying in an attitude of forgiveness for everyone will keep the doors and windows of heaven open so that My blessings will flow into your life.  I have given them to you so you need to follow the keys of My kingdom which reveal to you how to allow yourself to receive them. (Matthew 6:13-14)
     My Holy Spirit will further explain all of this truth to you if you will ask Him.
    Your Father of Love

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