Thursday, June 11, 2015


Dear One,
    There is a spirit of unbelief and there is a Spirit of Belief. 
     Do you have a spirit of unbelief which keeps you from believing for miracles, phenomenal occurrences or answers to prayers? Very often that unbelieving spirit comes from religious doctrine which says that  My answers to your prayers is sometimes yes and sometimes no instead of my promises being yes and amen, as I said in My Instruction Book, the Bible. (II Corinthians 1:19-20) Amen means, "So be it." So the attitude in your mind when you pray should be that My answer is always, "Yes, amen.  So be it."
     The spirit of unbelief will keep My children from believing in My good actions toward My children.  That spirit of unbelief comes from hell and wants to rob you of all of My good gifts that I have for My children.  The children of Israel wandered forty years in the wilderness before entering the promised land that I set aside for them.  The journey was only two weeks, but they wandered aimlessly for 40 years because of their own unbelief, griping and grumbling.  I wanted them to immediately enter into their promised land but their spoiled and rebellious attitudes kept them from entering.  (Hebrews 3:15-19; 4:6) It is often the same scenario over and over again for My children through the ages, even after Jesus paid the price for their unbelief, grumbling and griping, division, strife and their choices to be separated from Me and My blessings.  I never stop enticing My children to return to Me and My goodness. I constantly encourage My children to believe Me and believe in My promises.
     Belief is a choice.  It is a life changing decision to enter into My emotional and mental rest.  It can only be done by My children receiving My own Holy Spirit into their spirits.  He is the Spirit of Belief,   When that decision is made, then it is the choice of My children to believe what I teach them through Him.  He teaches them about My love, My goodness, My kindness, My mercy, My peace, My joy, My faithfulness, My patience and longsuffering which puts up with all manner of rebellion from My children. (Galatians 5:22-23) I am the Father of Forgiveness, so I wipe out any rebellion from My mind and never hold anything against My children. They are pure as driven snow when I look upon their hearts. 
     Jesus said that My Holy Spirit took His place in the earth after He rose from the dead.  He said that you would do greater things than He did because of the Holy Spirit living in you.  My Holy Spirit gave Jesus the power to do His miracles, phenomenal occurrences and answers to the needs of others.  He is the power source of My family. (John 14:12-18; John 16:13-15)
      My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of belief.  So don't be condemned if you cannot believe in My promises to supply all of your needs, wants and desires.  My Holy Spirit will tutor you in His Spirit of belief and you will begin to believe for all of the blessings that I have promised to My children.  You will begin to believe for everything that makes your life joyful and fulfilling.  That is what I desire for My children.
     Choose to partake of My living waters which bring My life into your life.  Joy will rule your thoughts and attitudes.  You will live and walk in miracles, phenomenal occurrences and answers to prayers.  (John 7:38-39)
     I believe in you.  You can believe in Me and My blessings for you through the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you.  As I said to you, He is My umbilical cord to My children, supplying every need for the abundant life.
     Your Loving and Giving Father    

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