Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Dear One,
    Instead of letting your heart be troubled about anything, you should meditate on the fact that in My house are many dwelling places and in those abodes are the necessary elements to answer your prayers. (John 14:2) They are filled with solutions. 
    Instead of being filled with care for anything, with prayers and humble petitions, WITH THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made know to Me.  Your fleshly mind will want to worry, but your spirit will know to bring Me into the situation by praying.
Your humble requests are always received by Me and I begin to answer immediately, bringing from My storehouse the perfect solutions. 
   Thanksgiving from you is pertinent because your thanksgiving professes the answers to prayers before your eyes see them.  Thanksgiving is based on faith that I will bring relief to you in your situation.  Thanksgiving keeps your mind fixated on Me so that we can be in complete agreement on the solution. With thanksgiving in your mind and from your mouth, then I can instruct you on the necessary changes that need to be made in your thoughts, attitudes or actions that will speed up your reception of the tailor-made answer to your prayers. (Philippians 4:4-8)
     Instead of being filled with anger and hatred for someone who injures you or your family, don't resist that person.  Jesus said not to strike back, but to even allow the person to strike you again.  In doing that, you don't feed the evil in the situation and you rob the evil of its power. (Matthew 5:38-39)
      Instead of refusing a person in need, give more than is asked of you. (Matthew 5:40-42)  In doing that, you become My arm which distributes to the needs of My children. Refusing to help a person in need is turning your back on Me because I live in people. (Matthew 25:44-45)
      Instead of hating your enemies, love your enemies and do good to them.  In doing that, you are distributing My perfect love to others just as My love is perfect toward you and everyone.
      Instead of judging others, as your religious tenets teach, do not judge anyone but instead forgive everyone every sin, trespass, iniquity, misdeed, mistake or omission.  In doing that you guarantee that your sins are also forgiven and you fulfill the commandment of Jesus that whose sins you forgive are forgiven, as well as yours.  (Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 6:12)
      Instead of worrying and fretting about something that is making you suffer, trust in Me and My ability to deliver you from the matter.  (Psalm 39:1-8) I have always done it in answer to the requests of My children and I will continue. 
     Replace  worrying and fretting in your mind with trust and faith in Me, your Father of Solutions.  I know your situation and I am waiting for you to bring Me into the matter with your prayers so that I can bring out of My storehouse of solutions the perfect one for your troubling situation.( Matthew 6:8)  I cannot enter the situation until you ask. (Matthew 7:7-12) Rejoicing and thanking Me removes any earthly barrier between you and your perfect solution.
     My storehouse of solutions is endless.  They have your name on them.  They fit every situation you have ever experienced and every one you will ever experience in the future.  They are waiting for My children to submit themselves to me, to be led by love and to pray.  The doors in My heaven are already open to you and all of My children.  They are waiting for you to access them by asking of Me, walking in My love, seeking Me and praying.
     I said everyone who asks receives, everyone who seeks finds, and to everyone who knocks the door will be opened. 
     My storehouses are your storehouses.  They are filled with your inheritance.
     Your Loving Father       

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