Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Dear One,
    We talked about My covenant with the nation of Israel and the fact that they were taught that My name was too holy to utter.  Yet, when My new covenant was instituted by Jesus Christ with all people, Jesus taught to approach Me in prayer with the familiar personal address of Our Father.  The idea that I was the Father of My children instead of a distant, uninvolved, impersonal, cruel king was easily rejected by the religious royalty of the day but it was received by the common people who had multiple needs that were expedient to be met. (Matthew 6:9)
    I tried through the prophet Isaiah to reveal the truth of My personality, speaking about the oneness of My unity with My Son and My Spirit, that I am body, soul and Spirit just like they were.  Isaiah prophesied that a Son would be born and be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Through prophesy I tried to reveal My Fatherhood to the people under the old covenant with a nation. 
   The revelation through the mouth of Jesus that I am the Father of all mankind was good news to the common people but bad news to the religious leaders who only had a distant revelation of My personality because the Holy Spirit had not been given to everyone, only to Jesus.  The common people saw My loving character in My son Jesus.  Only after Jesus went to hell and took back authority again over the earth from the devil in order to give it to people through My Spirit was the full revelation of My Fatherhood able to be understood by My children.  When that revelation is fulled developed in My children, then I can become to them their true PaPa, their true Heavenly Daddy, their Personal Dad, their Life source who is constantly and always available to hear their requests and grant them.  When their eyes are open, My children begin that one-on-one personal relationship with me and also refer to Me as PaPa, just like Jesus did on the cross.  (John 17:21-23)
     How more familiar and personal can a relationship be than when I live inside of you?  As you would say, that is up close and personal. When you only know Me by the hearing of the ear from other people who also do not know Me, then you only know Me by the limited reputation that has been espoused by them. (Matthew 13:15) However, when you live and breathe and have your being through My gift of My Holy Spirit, you are linked to Me by My heavenly umbilical cord through which all of My blessings flow. (Matthew 13:16-17)
    You are linked to My heavenly storehouse of answered prayers and blessings because we are One, just like Jesus prayed.  You approach Me with familiarity and intimacy.  You experience heaven on earth, for which Jesus also taught you to pray.
    You are precious to Me and I address you as My Precious Child. The better you know Me, the more you will address Me by intimate terms, just like Jesus taught.
    Your Loving Heavenly PaPa

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