Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Dear One,
    My Heaven runs in perfect efficiency because all of the heavenly beings, the cloud of witnesses spoken of in your Instruction Book called the Bible, are in agreement with Me and My instructions.  In the earth it's called being in unity. I have taught that when two or three people are in agreement that a thing is established.  So because the inhabitants of My heaven are in agreement with Me, peace, love, goodness, kindness, graciousness, joy, mercy, forgiveness, faithfulness are established and reign in My heavenly family.
     For your little corner of your earth to run as efficiently as My heaven, you must see that you are in agreement with Me through having My wisdom and insight so that everything will work together for your good.  That is simple 101 spiritual physics.  I said that everything I teach you will work toward fostering good things in your life.  So your agreement with My strategies, or keys to My kingdom, will cause everything to work for your good. (Matthew 6:33)
     Jesus spoke of the keys to having My kingdom life in your earthly life.  He said that the old ways of hating our enemies will not work the benefits of My kingdom into your life.  He said that you must love your enemies and do good to them.  So that is one key to efficiently bringing My kingdom into your life now. Jesus further said to not strike back if your enemy strikes you.  That is another key.  You must decide if having your life filled with the blessings of My family are important enough for you to love your enemies and not return blows when someone strikes you.  When you use that key, loving your enemies, you open the doors to My blessings. 
    My Holy Spirit said it more efficiently when He said through Paul that you must be led by My Spirit in all things because He will teach you how to love your enemies and do good to them, as well as showing you all the keys to My kingdom living.(Romans 8:11)  He will teach you how to have the abundant life while in the earth.
    My Holy Spirit also said that you must have My Spirit inside of you to be My child.  So being born of My Spirit is the first key to having a life of heavenly abundance while in the earth. Having My life source inside of you, which is My Holy Spirit, will guarantee the flow of your inheritance from My heaven.
   Another key to having My blessings leading to the abundant life is by praying in My Holy Spirit.  It was through Him that I created the earth and it is through Him that I deliver the benefits of being My children.  My words through My Holy Spirit do the same thing today that they did in the beginning of the earth, they create good and marvelous things for My children.  So when My children in the earth agree with My methods of delivery of their blessings, then the flow of those blessings into their lives efficiently provide them.  Praying in the Spirit guarantees the delivery of blessings. (Romans 8:26-27)
    However, you must remember that I said that praying in the Spirit must be done in an attitude of love. (I Corinthians 13:1-4)  For My children, everything must be done in an attitude of unconditional love because I have unconditional love for you and for all of My children. If strife, anger, hatred and jealousy are present instead of love being present, then the words of your prayers are ineffective and nonproductive.
   So the key to efficiency in the earth for My children having all of their needs, wants and desire met are what I told you many years ago; that truth being that: being led by My Spirit plus praying in My Spirit equals everything working together for your good.  (Romans 8:28)  
    Simply put, Romans 8:14 + Romans 8:26-27 = Romans 8:28.
    I want every prayer, need, want and desire of My children met and I have already provided them for you.  To speedily and efficiently collect your inheritance, you must be led by My Spirit into a life of love, plus you should pray in My Spirit at all times, and then everything will work together for your good while you live in the earth.
   I said in the beginning that everything I created was good.  I will show you how to restore everything in your life to being good and beneficial so that your joy will be full. (John 15:9-12)
   Your Loving and Benevolent Father

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