Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dear One,
    When you received the revelation that My heaven is close dimensionally to the earth, not far above in the sky, it became easy for you to have faith.  Since faith comes by hearing My words to you, your faith soared to new heights.  Knowing that My heaven, with all of its glory and power, is adjacent to your atmosphere in a close dimension is paramount to your believing for anything from Me. (Matthew 4:17)
    Angels appear readily to believers who are seeking Me.  Some people have eyes to see their ministry and others don't because of the lack of revelation of the dimensional closeness of My heaven to your earth.  Departed saints who had already joined Me in My heaven appeared to Jesus, conversing with him. (Matthew 17:1-3) They were observed by some of the disciples of Jesus. Jesus said that those disciples had seen with their natural eyes the miracles, but He said that the ones who don't see with their natural eyes are blessed because they believe in the reality of My heaven and My attempts to reveal the operation of necessary keys to My kingdom. (John 20:29)
    One of the keys that Jesus taught about was that My children must have My righteousness revealed to them. They had been taught that I am good and evil, both.  They needed to know that I am all good, that there is no evil in Me.  (James 1:16-17) Then they must seek to become My righteousness in the flesh as well as in their spirits. Becoming My righteousness in the earth will allow you to receive all of My kingdom blessings into your life in the earth. (Matthew 6:33) My children forget that Jesus said to not only seek My kingdom, but that they must seek to become My righteousness, children of My character in the flesh also.  That truth is the master key of love which opens every door of My kingdom, allowing My infintesimal, unlimited blessings to flow into your life while you live in the earth.  He promised that everything would be added to your life when you seek My kingdom and My righteousness. Then you will know how your thoughts, attitudes and actions open and close the gates to your receiving from My heaven which is adjacent to your earth.  That is another revelation which is paramount to your having faith.   
     My righteousness is, simply put, learning how I treasure and treat people and then treasuring and treating them the same way. Before Jesus went to the cross He told His followers that He gave them a new commandment and it was that they love others as He and I love everyone.  (John 13:34-35) He said that loving others would identify you as My child because I am love. 
     After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to them because He was only a spiritual dimension away, and He told them that He gave them the power to forgive the sins of people.   He had My power to forgive sins while He walked the earth and He passed that honor on to My children who want to further His ministry of love in the earth. 
      Jesus confirmed that My heaven is close at hand and easily accessed by My children. He said that when He cast a devil out of a person that My kingdom came upon that person.  (Luke 11:20; Matthew 4:17) My kingdom is easily accessed because it is only a dimension away from you, not far off in the sky.
      Seek a revelation of My kingdom and My loving righteousness toward people.  Then the doors to heaven from earth will be opened by you and for you, depositing in your life My kingdom benefits,  (Matthew 6:10)
     Your Loving Father  

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