Friday, July 24, 2015


Dear One,
     My children who are led by My Spirit are the only lights in a dark world. (Matthew 4:16)  They are the only hope in a depressed world.  They are the only dispensers of good where there is evil.  They are the only loving people in a world of hatred.  They are the only forgiving people in a world full of grudges and vengeance.  They are the only people of faith for restoration and reconciliation in a fearful world.  I said My children are the light of the world.  They are an extension of My light in the darkness of a world which is ruled by evil. (Matthew 6:22-24)
   When My children stay in unity with Me, hearing My personal intuitive words to them, they clearly see problems and the solutions to problems.  They see the need for love in every human being who is unloved.  They see the need for hope in the hopeless and suicidal people.  They see the need for truth in the people who are spiritually powerless.  They see the need for mental stability in oppressed people.  They see the emotional injuries in the brokenhearted.  My children who walk in My light see the needs of others rather than their own.  In hearing from Me, My light in them fulfills their own needs, but their own needs are not at the center of their lives, not being their only motivation. (Luke 1:78-79)
     Jesus warned My children of times when the light in them might become darkness and the consequences of that change in loyalty.  (Luke 11:34-36) He did not criticize them.  He only warned them that changing loyalty from Me to the devil will allow the evil one to destroy their peace, love and joy, making their light in the world to be overcome with darkness.  (Matthew 6:19-24)  Jesus knew that My children, because of their being light in the world of darkness, would be targets of evil which is aimed at bringing them back into the darkness of their former lives. When the devil, the father of evil, is able to do that, he takes all light out of their families, their friends, their acquaintances, their part of the world, dimming the lights which would lead them to salvation.  
   The first thing that happened after Jesus warned about that possibility was that a Pharisees criticized Jesus for not keeping the law of washing his hands before eating.  Can't you see that darkness was trying to overcome the light?  It still happens constantly.  Darkness always tries to overcome the light.  Jesus spoke to the critical people, saying that they only clean the outside of themselves but neglect the inside of themselves which is full of the wickedness of judgment, condemnation and criticism.(Luke 11:35-54) He wanted them to see that they, as religious and political officials, heap burdens upon people instead of relieving them of their burdens.  Their light had become darkness.
    Not only did Jesus warn My children about allowing darkness to overcome the light in them, but others of My children taught the same thing.  My Spirit taught the same truth through Paul who warned about judging others according to the law when they themselves were not fulfilling the religious laws themselves.  (Romans 2:17-24.)  He said that the lights had gone out of them when they became judgmental, condemning and critical.  He said to cast off darkness and put back on the armor of light that emanates from Jesus Christ.  Again the people had allowed darkness to overcome the light in them when they became judgmental.
   My Holy Spirit taught again and again about your being light in a world of darkness.  (II Corinthians 4:6-10; Ephesians 5:8-10)  He taught that you must be sober, always vigilant to watch for the traps of the devil to bring you back into the darkness through anger, wrath, bitterness, judging, condemning, accusing,
strife, division and all other characteristics of darkness.  
   My Spirit identifies you as a royal generation of light (I Peter 2:9-14) and said that unbelievers will see your light and glorify God.   He wrote that the only commandment is that you love others as I love you.  (I John 2:8-11)
   My children who walk in love are My children of light.  Those children who previously walked in My love but become deceived into becoming children of darkness have denied their heritage of light and love. They become ensnared by woes, destruction and death.  If they return to My light they will become light again, filled with My love.  They will become blessed again instead of cursed.
    Don't be deceived.  Walk in My light and My blessings will overtake you.
    Your Light Loving Father 

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