Thursday, May 26, 2016


Dear One,
    My children believe that I will answer their prayers and they often have faith for perfect answers.  There are many areas in which My children do not have faith in the things that I instructed them to do in order to facilitate the atmosphere in the earth that will help Me in My orchestration to answer their prayers.  One of those areas is in the instructions of Jesus that you bless your enemies instead of returning evil for evil done to you. 
    Do you really have faith that if you bless your enemies instead of doing evil toward them in thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions that I will see that you are blessed in return and your prayers will be more easily answered? (Matthew 5:38-48) When you produce in your own life the atmosphere that is in My heaven of love and forgiveness, then I can more easily swoop in with My angels and answer your prayers.  If you curse your enemies with your thoughts, attitudes and words, then you are producing the atmosphere of hell in your life and I cannot come into the situation and bring My miracle working power to bless you also because you have blessed your enemies.  It takes faith in the words of Jesus for you to bless your enemies.  Do you have faith in the instructions of Jesus?
     Jesus also told you not to practice piety before other people by telling about your giving money to the poor and by praying in public because often your public praying do not contain prayers to Me but they are prayers to impress the listeners of your piety. You have said it yourself about someone, "He says the most beautiful prayers." Well, that person got his reward when he prayed because he was secretly seeking the admiration of the hearers of his beautiful prayer. 
    Do you have faith that the prayers that are easily answered are the ones that you pray when only I am listening when you are in your room one-on-one with Me?  If you really believe the teachings of Jesus, you will take His advice and only pray when you and I are in communion.  Religion requires that you pray beautiful prayers in public and tell about your giving of money to the poor in order to impress the hearers of your piety.  I require that you only pray in your room with Me as the only hearer and that when you give to the poor that your one hand doesn't know that the other hand is giving.  In our one-on-one communion, without the piety spiritual attitudes present, it is much easier for Me to answer your prayers because you are praying to Me, intercoursing with Me instead of with human hearers.(Matthew 6:1-6)
    People say that sometimes I do not answer prayers.  They have missed the whole entire teaching of Jesus when He gave instructions and warnings on how to
pray.  People would rather blame Me than take the time to determine to set the atmosphere in the earth which will help Me by setting a loving relationship in the earth.
    My children quote what Jesus said about asking Me for things, seeking Me,  finding Me, knocking on My door and it will be opened,  They profess that all you have to do is ask, seek and knock.  (Matthew 7;1-12) That sound statement by Jesus was accompanied by His teaching which expounds on the truth that if you judge you will be judged.  It was all in the same truth revealing instructions.  In other words, He was saying  that if you don't judge other people, but instead if you forgive people quickly, then whatever you ask it will be given to you and whaterver you seek, you will find it, and whenever you knock on the door of My kingdom that I will open the door to you.  True faith in you will not judge anyone, giving credence to the teaching of Jesus that if you do judge others you will also be judged and the demonic spirit of judgment will keep you from receiving the answers to your asking, seeking and knocking.  Have faith in the full and complete teachings of Jesus.
    Jesus also amplified this truth by saying that there is a wide and easy way that leads to destruction but there is a narrow and hard way that leads to the abundant life. I give you the power to navigate that narrow road.  Then Jesus said that not everyone who says, "Lord, Lord," will enter into My kingdom benefits while they live in the earth.  He said that only those who do MY WILL in the earth will enter into My kingdom benefits.  That is because you have produced an atmosphere of love and forgiveness in the earth which makes it easy for Me to answer your prayers when you have faith enough to take My advice.  If you are in unity with the devil by judging others, cursing others, returning evil for evil, praying publicly to be admired by people, bragging about your gifts to the poor or your tithes, those evil actions will authorize demonic spirits to block My answers to your prayers from coming to you.  Jesus was not talking merely to hear Himself talking.  He was expounded My truths which lead you to receive your rightful inheritance while you live in the earth.
     I never withhold good things from My children.(Luke 12:32)   Your joining with the evil one, doing his will in the earth instead of My will in the earth, authorizes the devil to rob you of what I have already authorized to be given to you from the foundations of the world. (Matthew 7:21)   Even if you prophesy in My name, cast out demons in My name and do many miracles in My name, if you are also doing the works of evil in the earth you will not inherit the blessings that I want you to have.  Jesus said it more emphatically when He said, "Depart from Me, you doers of evil."   Faith not only causes you to be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  Faith empowers you to do My will in the earth, even though it is often diametrically opposite to what other are doing.  My Spirit will empower you to bless your enemies, to quickly forgive others instead of judging them, to only pray in communion with Me and give to the poor in secret instead of to be heard and seen by others,  (Matthew 7;24)
     Jesus concluded that lengthy teaching by encouraging you to build your house upon the rock of revelation knowledge of His teachings so that when the devil comes to tempt you to do his will instead of My will, that you will refuse him because you have faith that My instructions will bring good results in your life. (Matthew 7:25-27)
    I said through James that faith without the loving works that come from true faith is dead faith. (James 2:17-20)  Faith without the works of love in your life produces nothing.  The works of true faith are soul peace, joy, love, forgiveness, goodness and kindness toward all people.  In that earthly atmosphere I can do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, because of the power of love and faith that is in you. (Ephesians 3:20)  There is no robber from hell operating o snatch your blessings from you when you walk in love and peace.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father  

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