Sunday, May 1, 2016


Dear One,
    Judging thoughts are so subtle.  They pop up in your mind so quickly that they are missed as what they really are, infusions into your mind by hell in order to entice you to eventually be judged by the same standards that you judge others in your thoughts.  My children think that if they don't speak out judgment of others that their thoughts are ineffective.  Not so.  Jesus said that if a man even looks upon a woman with thoughts of lust that he has already committed adultery.  That should show you the important power of your thoughts. I do not tell you this truth to condemn you for your judgmental thoughts, but I tell you in order for you to discern the fact that the negative thoughts come from the devil in order for him to judge you for the very thoughts that he caused you to think.
    First of all you must know the truth that I am not the judge or condemner of people.  The devil is.  I said that I neither judge nor do I condemn My children. (John 5:22; John 8;15-16)  The devil judges My children because I judged him and ostracized him from My kingdom. (John 16:11)  He wants to get back at Me through My children. 
    This is how he works: The devil gives one of My children a judgmental thought about someone.  My child receives the thought, thinking that it is his or her own thought.  The person meditates on the judgmental thought until it becomes a negative attitude.  The person is already judged because attitudes have emotional energy which cause negative hormones to flow through the body and mind of the person, lowering the immune system and bringing sickness to the person.   It all started with judgmental thoughts about someone placed in the mind by the devil.  This truth is the reason that Jesus taught about having My attitudes of mercy instead of judgment. (Matthew 5:7) 
    Thoughts of mercy is the antidote for judgmental thoughts.  I said that I prefer mercy to judgment because mercy is My attitude toward people who are in need of a physician, people who are sick, poor, uneducated, in other words people who are cursed by the devil in any way. (Hosea 6:6; Matthew 9:12-13)  When My children bind themselves to someone by judging that needy person in their thoughts, then they bind themselves to the devil and his judgment because the judgmental thought in the mind of My child is from hell, not from Me.  As My child meditates upon  judgmental thoughts, My child binds himself or herself to satan for his judgment to come upon himself or herself.  (Matthew 7:1-2)  I talked about this principle when I taught about the mote that is in your own eye. (Matthew 7:3-5)  
    I ask that My children be merciful toward everyone instead of judgmental because judgment comes from hell and it condemns the person who meditates upon a judging thought. I do not condemn anyone.  Jesus does not judge anyone.  For My children to be judged, it always starts with accepting a judgmental thought, meditating on it until it gains energy by becoming an attitude.  Then the judgment begins in the body of My child because negative energy in a body lowers the immune system and produces both physical and mental illness,
    The devil targets My children, enticing them to judge others according to their own religious laws, social standards or family morals.  The strategy of the devil is to get My children to judge others so that he can bring his judgment upon them, cursing their lives. Those curses in the lives of My children will malign My character in the earth, promoting My reputation as a judgmental father instead of the Good Father that I am whose pleasure it is to give to My children the blessings of My kingdom. (Luke 12:32) 
     I want My children to portray My true characteristics in the world so that people will see their good attitudes, words and actions and then glorify Me as the Good and Loving Father that I am. 
     Judgmental thoughts, attitudes, words and actions by My children malign My true character in the earth because that negative energy is from the devil, not from Me.  (John 8:44-45)  The devil gives you the thoughts so that he can judge you for them.  I do not judge you for evil thoughts.  The judgmental thoughts judge you.  It is so simple: whichever kingdom you sow seeds into, those seeds will grow plants which either bless you or curse you, depending upon the nature of the seeds.  If you sow seeds of mercy, you grow merciful plants from My garden and you will obtain mercy.  If you sow judgmental seeds, you grow judgment plants from satan's garden and he will judge you,
     Reject all thoughts of judgment when they first enter into your mind.  Immediately cast them into hell.  Bless the person you were tempted in your thoughts by satan to judge.  Do not fall for the tricks from hell.  They are subtle, meant to curse your life.
    Never forget the truth that I am love and that My love is merciful.
    Your Father of Mercy and Love                

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