Saturday, April 30, 2016


Dear One,
    Instant forgiveness is part of the constant good news that comes from My family.  When Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, He wiped the spiritual judicial slate clean for every person who ever lived. Since there is no time in the spiritual dimension, His payment for the sins of the world is always current and new every instant of human time measurement.  "Not guilty" is always the verdict in My kingdom. The instant a sin, iniquity, transgression, misdeed or mistake is committed, there is instant forgiveness as far as I am concerned.  That is good news. However, as far as the earthly courts are concerned there must be retribution; and, rightly so, in order to protect the rest of humanity. 
    A portion of the bad news as far as your world is concerned is that the devil's court of law requires death and destruction.  Those are the earthly consequences of yielding to the devil's temptations to commit sins, iniquities, transgressions, misdeeds and mistakes.  That is because the devil eagerly awaits for My children to refuse to follow My guidance, listen to the devil's temptation instead, and turn themselves over to the devil for his judgment on them, which is destruction and death.  I always declare people "Not Guilty"  but the devil always declares people "Guilty".
     All that My children need to do after they have joined with the devil's family in judging others and refusing to forgive, first thing is to repent, meaning to turn around and go the other way, come back home to Me and then even the earthly consequences can be reversed by Me, becoming blessings instead of curses.  I said I would give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, so that you will be called the trees of righteousness planted by Me, so that I might be glorified. (Isaiah 61:3)  Those blessings are accomplished by My Holy Spirit taking up residence in you and your listening to His guidance, following His guidance in order to avoid the traps set by the devil to ensnare you with his temptations that precede his curses that he pours out upon you when you join with his family traditions. (John 10:10)
    My family traditions are based upon your knowing your inheritance, following My guidance and then you will receive your full and righteous inheritance from Me.  Jesus paid the full price for your not being deemed guilty.  He suffered in His body for every demonic affliction, every act of rebellion, every sexual sin, every murder, every lie, every bitter word, every demeaning thought, in other words every thought, attitude, word and action that is not of Me.  The price has been paid, the retribution of satan has been satisfied, and forgiveness is instant.  That is why there is no condemnation for anyone who walks after the Spirit of Life instead of the spirit of death and destruction.  (Romans 8:1-2)
     My children who follow My voice do not obey the voice of the devil because My Spirit in them discerns the difference between voices form hell and My voice from heaven.  My true children do not inherit the consequences of the laws of sin and death because they do not fraternize with the demons from hell.  If they do, and then they return to Me, I offer to them the blessings of My kingdom again because the prodigal has returned.
    Because I instantly forgive you for your obeying the temptations of the devil, it is incumbent upon you to also forgive the sins of others with the same speed.   It begins with an act of your will, choosing to forgive whether you feel like it or not.  Forgiveness has nothing to do with emotions.  Forgiveness has to do with an act of your will, releasing a person from your mental judgment and condemnation so that you will enjoy the fruits of forgiveness which are a sound mind and a joyful spirit.  The feeling of forgiveness will develop in your emotions after you choose to forgive and allow me to tutor you in the heartfelt attitude of forgiveness.
    Jesus, Himself, struggled against My commission that I gave to Him, asking that the cup of dying for the sins of the world would pass from Him to another person.  You struggle with the choice of forgiving others, which means that you sacrifice the demonic desire to see the people punished for their wrongdoings.  Your flesh suffers emotionally, not wanting to give up the activity of blaming the offending people for your unhappiness.   But, the minute you choose to forgive the offender, the suffering of your flesh vanishes because you have authorized My  righteousness to minister to you and the other person over the devil's judgment for the person and for yourself.  My forgiveness floods you again because you forgive as I forgive you.  You could not enjoy the fruits of My forgiveness as long as you refused to forgive the sins of someone else. 
    Forgiveness is the foundation of the good news.  It is the culmination in the lives of My children of the truth that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world.  When Jesus appeared to His disciples He told them that whose sins they forgive are forgiven but whose sins they retain are retained. (John 20:23)  In retaining the sins of other people,  My children take themselves out of the blessings of My family and place themselves under the curses of the devil who never forgives, as evidenced by his actions of always tempting My children to obey his voice so that he can curse their lives and get back at Me for his expulsion from My heaven.
    Refusing to forgive someone summons into our life the judgment of the devil.  Forgiving everyone instantly summons into your life My magnificent blessings.
    Good news is available from Me and bad news is available from hell. 
    Choose to spread good news by forgiving others and you will live the abundant life that I promised because you will also enjoy the fruits of My forgiveness, which are a life of joy and love.  Do what Jesus told you to do, choose to wipe the slate clean relating to the offenses of others against you.
    Your Forgiving and Loving Father

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