Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Dear One,
    Earthly parents tell their children to watch their mouths or they will wash them out with soap if the children use cuss words.  In other words, the parents tell their children that there are consequences to their actions.  Soap doesn't taste good so the children consider that consequence of a mouth washing if they are tempted to let what are considered cuss words proceed from their mouths.
    My children know that I do not threaten to, nor would I want to, wash their mouths out with soap, but I do warn that there are consequences to their speaking what I consider curse words.  The words which lead to curses that come from a person are angry words, hate words, bitter words, divisive words, words of discord, belittling words, judgmental words, vengeful words, words of blame, jealous words, envious words and self seeking words,  Those words sow seeds into your present and future life and you will reap the same things that you have spoken.  Jesus taught specifically that by your words you are blessed and by your words you are cursed. (Matthew 12:35-37) That statement sums up the truth of the principle that you will reap what you sow.  If you only speak loving, kind, good, edifying words, words that bring peace and grace to the hearer, then you will reap those gratifying attitudes and actions returning to you in the future.  You will be blessed because you have sown blessing words into the lives of others. Their gardens of life will share their harvest of blessings with you.
      To My children who truly live in My words and if My words live in them, there is no need for soaping their mouths, as human parents do to their children.  Instead, My children who truly love Me and treasure My wisdom will listen to Me and will heed My words.  My words will live in them, changing them from dispensers of the devil's evil speaking, changing them into dispensers of My love and peace to others.  Their harvest will be harvests of blessings because they have taken My advice, resisted the devil, and instead of sowing his curses, they have sown love, peace and mercy into the lives of everyone. (James 3:7-8)
      My words to all of My children are to never speak evil against anyone. (James 3:11) I said that if you speak evil against anyone that you are speaking evil against My words to you and you are judging My words to you as being ineffective lies.  When you speak evil words to people or about people, you are a hearer of My words only and not a doer of My parental instructions to you.  You are denying the power of words which I taught so often to My children in My Instruction Book. (James 1:22-26) You fall for the devil's trick when he tempts you to be a rebellious child.  You have fallen for the witchcraft demon who puts a veil over your mind so that you give no credence to My words of instruction to you. (I Samuel 15:23) You judge My words as being lies with no power. In doing that, you view your own words as being powerless, which is contrary to My insight.
      The truth is that words do have power, the power to bless and the power to curse.  Whichever words proceed from your mouth determine your future.  Sin has its own consequences and words have their own consequences, either blessings or curses.  Your words are indicators of from which motivation you speak, either the devil's or Mine. (Matthew 6:21-24;James 3:10-11)
      It is a simple choice.  Blessings or curses are available to you.  Choose which you want to flood into your life by the words you speak.  (Deuteronomy 28:1-19)
      Your Father of Blessings  

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