Monday, April 18, 2016


Dear One,
     Words never die. They have no shelf life like dairy products.  They are like water, they recycle over and over again in the minds of the listeners just like water evaporates into the clouds and waters the earth again and again.  Words either enhance your life and the lives of the listeners or they injure your life and the lives of the listeners.  Words are stored in the mental computers of people and they are recycled over and over again, either blessing the person repetitively or cursing the person repetitively.    
    Jeremiah understood this valuable wisdom when He spoke about his words. I told him  that words either build up and plant goodness in the minds of people or they pull down, overthrow and destroy people from evil words.  I said that I am always watching over My words, to perform them. (Jeremiah 1:9-12)  What Jeremiah did not know is that the devil is always watching over negative words, eager to perform them also because they come from his temptations in the thoughts of people which produce words. (I Peter 5:8-9)
     Jesus gave more importance to this truth when He said that you are justified by your positive words but you are also condemned by your negative words.  It could not be more clear from that statement that words never die, that they are powerful toward either good or evil. (Matthew 12:37)  Demoralizing words from you to a person curses that person the rest of his or her life, recycling their curses over and over in the thoughts of the target of the words. 
     My Holy Spirit wrote through James that the tongue is set on fire by hell itself, spreading the words of hell in the earth to live on forever in the minds of people, tearing down the emotional security of others so that they can never succeed in life.  Those words stay in the minds of people until they are rooted out by edifying, loving, gracious words from Me. (James 3:6-12)
     Yes, there are words which can replace the injurious ones spoken by people. 
A heartfelt apology, which is an action of asking for forgiveness, can smother your  past negative words from hell which have cursed another person.  I said that love overcomes evil.  Loving words of validation can encase previously spoken negative, injurious words and deem them null and void in the minds of others when they are replaced with words of worthiness and value.(I Peter 4:8)
      It is the attitude behind words which give them power for either good or evil.  Jesus spoke of this when He taught on the Beatitudes.  He identified the attitudes which emote from people through words which bless their lives, those attitudes being mercy, kindness, meekness, humility, love, pureness in heart, self control and patience.  Attitudes proceed from thoughts of either love or hatred, blessings or curses, and they produce after their own kind in words and actions.
      You are being judged in your families and in your lives by the words from the past because your words never die.  (Matthew 7:1-3)  You can reverse those demonic judgments by changing your words, always speaking good and beneficial words which edify and build up the hearers, bringing grace to everyone.  In refusing to speak corrupt words, you refuse to grieve My Holy Spirit who wants to bless everyone with His loving words through you.
      Heaven on earth is available to those who strip their flesh of demonic fruit and replace them with the fruit of My Spirit.  (Galatians 5:16-26)  Jesus pronounced this truth when He said that when He cast out a demon by the power of My Spirit that My kingdom comes upon that person.  I love to reproduce My kingdom in the lives of My children who walk in My Spirit, only speaking edifying, gracious words. (Luke 11:20)
      Your Validating, Edifying Father

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