Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Dear One,
   We have talked extensively about your words and how they bless or curse your life, according to your Brother Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, James and according to My teachings.  (Matthew 12:35-36)  That truth should be well entrenched in your mind to the extent that you assess every word before it comes out of your mouth, whether it blesses or curses the hearers.  Your thoughts, which is the origin of your words, must be rejected if they are negative and only accepted if they are positive.
     When you monitor your thoughts you will stop the condemning, judgmental, angry, domineering, bitter thoughts before they become attitudes and then words which will condemn your life and the lives of your family members.  Rejecting negative thoughts will save you a mountain of troubles.   Remember this truth:  Positive thoughts are seeds which grow verbal plants which bless your life because positive thoughts are of Me.   Negative thoughts are seeds which will grow verbal plants which will curse your life, because they were planted in your thoughts by the devil.
     Attitudes are the energy behind your thoughts, words and actions.  You can tell the kind of thoughts a person entertains by the attitudes which flow from the person in words. In the past we have talked about the negative energy you feel when you enter a room where an argument or a heated discussion or a fight has taken place.  You can actually feel the negative energy. That energy proceeds from the heart of the person or persons as a result of negative thoughts being entertained.  (Matthew 12: 34-36) The negative energy is tangible.  It is just as destructive as the electricity released when an electric line is down in a storm.  It will kill people.  
     If you could view the energy in the room where strife has been displayed between people, you would see destructive spiritual beings in attendance in the atmosphere of the room.  They are called demons by Me.  My Holy Spirit said that where jealousy or strife are present there is every evil spirit present.  (James 3:13-18) Is that your intention when you speak strife filled words, to summon into your life and the lives of others all the demons from hell?  Surely not.  Yet, that is a spiritual truth that must not be dismissed by My children.  You have felt the negative energy when strife is present.  Know that those are from negative attitudes which were released from the participants in an argument and know that it is the presence of evil spirits which you have felt that are making you feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.  By your positive attitudes, words and actions you summon My angels to work in your behalf, bringing My blessings into your life.  By your negative attitudes, words and actions you summon the devil's demons to work in your behalf, bringing destruction into your life.  (Matthew 3:10-12)
    Jesus told you to always bless those people who oppose you and curse you.    He told you to bless your enemies who come against you, disagree with you or take anything from you.  He did not want you to develop an attitude of strife which summons demons to destroy you.  That is why He was so adamant about you blessing your enemies.  (Matthew 5:43-48)  He wanted to encourage you to only display My character, which summons blessings, instead of your displaying the character of the devil, which summons destruction.
     There are two kingdoms at work in the earth, My family of life and the devil's family of death. You have a minute by minute choice to make, whether to allow positive thoughts, attitudes and words to flow from you or whether to allow negative thoughts, attitudes and words to flow from you.  You have a choice between life and death, blessings and curses. (Deuteronomy 28; Deuteronomy 30:15)  I gave you the choice to make.
      Choose positive thoughts which forgive and bless everyone, and you will have heaven on earth because My kingdom has come into your life in the person of My Holy Spirit.
       Your Father of Blessings          

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