Sunday, April 10, 2016


Dear One,
    In a court of law the testimony of a witness is rightly taken into consideration.  Whether it is believed or not depends upon the character of the witness.  If the character of the witness is shaky, criminal and filled with strife, then the testimony is often considered untruthful.  Rightfully so.  For testimony to be believable it must come from a person of good character.
    The same is true in My kingdom.  For the testimony of My witnesses to be believed, the witness must be virtuous because that person is My representative. (I John 3:7) The character of that witness must be righteous, just as I am righteous. If the witness is unloving, strife filled, confrontational, divisive, bitter, angry, lustful, prejudicial or judgmental, then the person's testimonies will have no relevance because the witness's character is opposite from mine. (Titus 2:12-14; I John 2:29) In fact, the negative character of the person is often reflective of My enemy, the devil, because the witness has not taken time to know Me intimately but has only believed facts about My character which are tainted.  In that scenario the witness has retained the character of his or her former master, the devil. (I John 3:8-10)
     This is one of the reasons why your being molded by My Holy Spirit into My image is of utmost importance, so that your testimony as a witness of my character is true.  If your thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions are still from evil, then your testimonies will not be believed by others.  Why would anyone want to add more hateful traits to their character than they already have?  But when a testimony is given by a virtuous person, one who is filled with love for everyone, then the testimony of that witness is believable.
     Tainted religious knowledge and inaccurate facts only puff people up and often make them judgmental.  But wisdom and knowledge directly from Me, via My Holy Spirit, do the opposite.  My insights make a person loving, kind, merciful, good and peaceful.  The testimonies from the mouth of that person are believable and will lead other people to repentance.  I said that it is My goodness that leads a person to repent, not laws, rules, regulations, judgment or fear and brimstone. (Romans 2:4)
     Being a witness of Mine involves allowing My Spirit to transform your flesh into My righteousness, just as I did with your spirit which is already transformed if you have invited Me to come into your life.  Allowing My Spirit to make you a child of love will attract all people to you instead of your fleshly nature repelling people from wanting to be like you.  When you are transformed into My same loving, merciful, gracious, kind and good thoughts. attitudes, words and actions. those character traits will add credence to your testimonies and they will be believed.
     Fellowship with Me.  Commune with Me.  Take time to spend with Me, asking your tutor, My Holy Spirit, to teach you My nature and true character so that you will, by spiritual osmosis, become exactly like me.  When you do, then I will bring people into your life who want to know Me, and you will be a good witness to My character because you have become like Me in righteousness. In that spiritual atmosphere, you will ask what you will and it will be done for you. (Matthew 6:33; John 15:7-9)
      As I am, so are you in the world when you are conformed into My image.
      Your Father of Love

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