Sunday, April 3, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus, in His first tutoring session with his followers taught that you must not judge anyone or you will be judged and that the measure that you judge determines how much you will be judged.  Yet, My children continue to judge others according to religious laws. (Matthew 7:1-2)   He also said that I judge no person and that He judges no person.  Then He said that if He does judge, that it is righteous judgment. 
    You need to know what is true and righteous judgment that is from Me. 
    Jesus went on to say that humans judge according to the flesh but that He and I judge according to the spirit.  (John 8:15-16)  So true and righteous judgment only judges the spirits behind the action.  That means that I do not judge the actions of the flesh of any person, but My judgment is toward the demonic spirits which tempted the person to sin.  In other words, Jesus and I look past the weak flesh of people and see the true cause of the evil action, which is the devil and his demons.  So the reason for the action was the evil spirit who tempted a person to do its evil.  The blame is put on the demonic kingdom, and Our judgment is only on those evil spirits. 
     In My eyes all humans are sin-free because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world.  (I John 2:1-2) The judgments for obeying the temptations of the devil come from him and his demons of destruction.  That is why I said that you should not judge anyone.  If you do cooperate with him and judge someone, he is delighted because he gets to pour his judgment onto you with his destruction.  I judged him, separated him from Me for his rebellion against Me by casting him out of My heaven, and he wants to pass that judgment on to you by tempting you to judge others, which separates you from Me and My blessings.  Judging people is from hell, not from Me. 
    The righteous judgment from Me, of which Jesus spoke, is to judge the evil spirits which cause My children to judge others.  I do not judge people.  I only judge evil spirits.  My grace extends to all of My children who are created in My image.  My judgment extends to all evil spirits who tempt My children to do their deeds in the earth.
    The first step into wrongly judging someone is to blame a person for an action.  The first step into forgiveness is to realize that the reason for a bad action is an evil spirit who tempted the person to do something evil to you.  When you know that the guilty party is a demonic spirit instead of the person, then you have judged rightly, just like Jesus said, because you have not judged flesh but you have judged an evil spirit.  This truth is the basis of the instructions of Jesus never to return evil for evil done to you but to return good to the person who did the evil.  You know that the evil action done to you was only done in obedience to the tempting demon who wants to snare you into reacting with evil so that he can judge you with destruction, either making you depressed, angry, divisive, badly injured, arrested and taken to court, or that you are killed, increasing the actions of his evil in your life.
    There is a victory parade in heaven when the devil can get you to judge someone, because they know that he can punish you with his destruction.
    The cause of all evil in your world is the devil and his demons.  Therefore, when you judge a person, you are judging the wrong being.  You need to shift your judgment from humans to the devil and his demons, declaring them to be the blame for all evil done in your world.  When you do that, you are truly My child because you have judged rightly, like I do, putting the blame on the devil and forgiving the flesh and blood that he used in his evil pursuits. 
     Forgiveness comes easy when you walk in these truths that Jesus taught, that people of flesh and blood are not your problem, but evil spirits from the devil's kingdom are the cause of all evil actions in the world.  (Ephesians 6:12-18)  The blame is upon those evil spirits, not your mate, not your family, not your neighbor, not those people who believe religiously or politically different than you.  Put the blame where it belongs, on the evil forces from hell who walk spiritually in the earth "seeking whom they may devour."  (I Peter 5:8)
     Your civil laws rightly take care of all lawbreakers, punishing them for breaking civil laws by separating them from society.  Your obligation as My child, because you have been forgiven by Me, is to forgive the ones who break civil and religious laws and those who wound you emotionally, physically or mentally. (Matthew 6:12) In doing that, you abide in Me and My instructions (words) abide in you.  My promise is that you will then ask what you will and it will be done by Me for you. (John 15:7-8)  The fruit that I want you to bear are the fruit of love for everyone, peace with everyone, forgiveness for everyone, blaming no human for his or her actions, but putting the cause and blame where it belongs, on the demonic kingdom.  When you are able to do that, you are judging rightly, just like I do.
     My forgiveness is because of My grace.  Let your forgiveness be because of My grace in you.
     Your Loving, Forgiving  Father               

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