Sunday, April 24, 2016


Dear One,
    In handling difficult situations I said that you must be as wise as a serpent, meaning you must be at least as wise as the devil when battling with him.  I also said that you must be as gentle as a dove in dealing with people.  (Matthew 10:16)  If you aren't at least as wise as the devil you will not be able to recognize his tactics, his antics and his workings.  When you don't recognize his strategies you will end up battling with flesh and blood instead of battling the demonic beings from hell who cause every problem.  (Ephesians 6:10-12) If you ignorantly battle with people, then you have magnified your unhappiness in the earth because what you sow you will also reap.
    When identifying My perfect strategy, Jesus said that you must be gentle as a dove in your actions toward the people whom the devil is using to do his troubling activities in your life in the earth, whether it is your partner, your children, your relatives, your neighbors, your business associates, your parents or your friends.  He even described how for you to be gentle as a dove, by refusing to yield to anger, and by making peace with anyone who accuses you. (Matthew 5:21-26)   
    Another way to be gentle as a dove is not to return a blow to someone who strikes you.  He said to offer the other cheek. (Matthew 5:36-39)  That is being gentle as a dove. 
    Jesus said if anyone takes something that belongs to you that you should give the person more than he requires. (Matthew 5:40) That is being gentle as a dove.
    Jesus also said that if anyone forces you to go with him for one mile that you should go two miles in order to avoid conflict.  (Matthew 5:41)  That is being gentle as a dove.
    He also said to give to anyone who begs from you and not to refuse anyone who asks to borrow from you.  (Matthew 5:42)  That is being gentle as a dove.
    Under the old laws people hated their enemies. (Matthew 5:43-48)   Jesus told you that you should love your enemies and do good to them.  That is certainly being gentle as a dove.
    My Holy Spirit gives you the power to be gentle as a dove because He is gentle as a dove, as I am gentle as a dove.  I do not strike down people who oppose Me, disobey Me, curse me or refuse to follow My admonitions, as all of My children often do.  If I did, there would not be any humans left on the earth. 
    Jesus said that you must be perfect just as I am perfect, meaning that you should be gentle as a dove toward everyone because you know that your battle is not with other humans but your only battle is with demonic principalities and powers in the air who tempt you just like they tempt others.
    Being gentle as a dove also involves refusing to judge anyone.  (Matthew 7:1-2)  Jesus knew that when you fall for the devil's temptations to judge someone, that the devil is right there to see that you are also judged by the same measure.  It may not be immediately, but you will eventually inherit the judgment by which the devil caused you to judge.  That was the reason for him to tempt you to judge someone, so that he can see that you are also judged.
    Refusing to judge anyone is being gentle as a dove.
    I do not judge because I know that the source of all trouble for My children comes from hell. Therefore I do not judge My children.  (Matthew 5:22; 5:30; Matthew 8:15-16)  I only judge the devil and his demons.
     My admonition to you to be gentle as a dove with people, if followed, will result in your keeping peace with everyone and you will be blessed abundantly because your righteousness has exceeded the righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes.  (Matthew 5:20)  The true one-on-one relationship My children have with Me results in the person becoming gentle as a dove with everyone because the person has observed My gentleness and has become as gentle in the earth as I am gentle in My heaven.
     You must become as gentle as I am gentle in order to be identified as My child who is in the position of receiving My blessings while living in the earth.
      Your Gentle and Loving Father

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