Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Dear One,
    In cleaning your mental portion of the temple of the Holy Spirit there are subtle thoughts that invade your mind which are not easily identified by you.  If you are really serious about maintaining a clean house for My Spirit to reside, you will identify assumptions for what they are, judging.
    I said that your body is the temple of My Spirit if you have made Me the Lord of your life.  Keeping your mind clean of all thoughts that come as temptations from hell is your primary duty.  I can alert you through the discerning of Spirits to the invasions from hell which are disguised as your own thoughts.  You know that the devil is the deceiver but you often fail to recognize his tempting thoughts and deem them as your own thoughts, assuming that they are based on truth and reality.
    Here is the lesson:  assumptions are judgments. (Matthew 7:1-2)
    Assumptions are never based on reality or on truth.  They are merely imaginations placed in your mind by the devil in order to trick you into judging someone, thus being judged yourself for the judgment that you assumed was true but which was only an imagined reality. (II Corinthians 10:5)
    Marriages have been destroyed by assumptions that were completely untrue.
    Friendships have been destroyed by assumptions that were completely untrue.
    Children have been unjustly punished by assumptions that were completely untrue, provoking the children to anger which can continue to destroy a family. (Colossians 3:21)
    People have killed because of assumptions that were completely untrue.
    Wars between counties have begun on assumptions that were untrue but were used by politicians to create war. (James 4:1-3)
     Businesses have been ruined by assumptions which were completely untrue
     Assumptions always are based upon judgments.  My children look at a situation and immediately judge a person right or wrong with no concrete evidence of their assumptions being true.
     To assume something is to consider a fact to be true without any evidence to its veracity.  That is why I said that judging someone will result in your being judged, because when you assume someone is guilty of a sin, a trespass, a mistake, a misdeed or an iniquity but you have no insight into the truth of the accusation, then you have wrongly judged the person.
     When Jesus taught on judging others, He said that He and I never judge a person guilty.  That is because of the death of Jesus who died for the sins of the whole world.  You should not judge because if you choose to take a person out from under the sacrifice of Jesus, you make yourself the judge, which is the assessment done by the devil.  In judging others, you also remove yourself from the sacrifice of Jesus because you have adopted the accusation and judgment of the devil as your own.  Misery from hell comes upon you because of judging others.
     The antidote for assuming a fact about someone to be true is to always offer your own forgiveness to the person for whom you assumed the fact to be reality.  An assumption never takes into account the real facts, the background and experiences of the person that you judge, or the truth of the situation.  That is why you must kick out of your mind all assumptions.  Come to Me for My understanding and insight into the matter.  I will always to tell you that, first of all, the matter does not come within the parameters of being any of your business, and that prayers and forgiveness is always what is needed from you in every factious matter. (Matthew 6:14-15)
     My children must develop the spiritual habit of always offering forgiveness to everyone, like I do.  In doing that, forgiveness from others is always offered to you.  When you do not forgive someone, you take yourself out from under My forgiveness and place yourself under the judgment of the devil. That is why I said that I can only forgive you if you forgive others, because your choice to judge someone results in your choosing to also be judged by the devil. 
     The spiritual truth is that if you judge you will be judged and if you forgive you will be forgiven. 
     Refuse to accept into your mind an assumption from hell that declares someone guilty of missing the mark.  Resist that thought, kick it out of your mind and into hell.  In refusing to assume something about someone, you keep your mental portion of My temple clean and pure.  Since your mind determines your entire present and future life on earth, always choose to dispense forgiveness to everyone just like I do.  In always dispensing forgiveness and love, you stay firmly established in My kingdom which has come in your life on your earth just like it is in My heaven.
     Your mental house cleaning is important to Me because it determines whether you are blessed or cursed while living in the earth.  I want to bless you because that is My greatest pleasure.  (Luke 12:32) Assuming something in your thoughts is judgment which takes you outside of My ability to bless you abundantly.  Forgiveness keeps you inside of My family of blessings.
    Monitor all of your thoughts and only keep the ones that come from love and forgiveness.
    Your Forgiving Father       

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