Thursday, April 21, 2016


Dear One,
     Artists create paintings and pictures which bring beauty to the world because when people look upon their beauty there is peace, tranquility and a sense of being transformed into another dimension.
    Song writers, musicians and singers create and perform musical creations which can soothe the savage nature within people, bringing peace and joy to the hearers.
    Decorators create beautifully decorated homes and offices which envelop people with a sense of well being and stability when entered, 
    All of My children are creators in the earth with their words, speaking forth  creations that never die because words never die.  My children create either heaven or hell in the lives of their children, their neighbors, their acquaintances, their life partners and their business associates.   You create your  own heaven or hell in the earth depending upon which thoughts you accept into your mind which will eventually become attitudes, words and actions.
     I said that My children must be wise as serpents, meaning they must be at least as wise as the devil who tempts them in their thoughts, causing them to meditate upon his negative, destructive words.  If he can get you to accept his negative images, accusations, condemnations, judgments and assumptions, then he can influence you to develop his destructive attitudes, then speak his words from hell which begin cursing the hearers the minute the words are spoken. The devil devised that scheme after I threw him out of heaven as a way to get back at Me, which was to curse the lives of My own children by incorporating their wills in the matter to serve his curses in the earth instead of My children doing My will in the earth, which is to serve love and blessings to everyone. (Matthew 10:16)
     My will is for My children to only accept My loving, peaceful thoughts into their minds, becoming gentle as doves, so that they will spread the atmosphere of My heaven in the earth.  (Philippians 4:7-8) When you choose My thoughts, speaking only My uplifting words, then you cause people to give praise to Me because I have given you a revelation of My love which flows from you like the rivers of Living Waters.  (John 7:38-39)
     My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit should only be speaking words which build up and bring peace and love to the listeners.  My children should not be creating hell on the earth by their attitudes and their tongues.  When they do, they need to immediately cancel out the negative, hellish  words, apologize to the hearers, and restore My positive, creative words of love and peace in the earth. 
    The devil does not want My children to rid themselves of the old nature which was created by him through generational curses, bad experiences and negative mental and emotional programming.  The evil one is able to dispense his nature from hell into the earth through the old cursed nature of My children.  My desire is that My children become transformed in their human minds into having the mind of Christ which was created in them in their spirits and wants to be created in their flesh.(Romans 8:3-14) When they allow My Spirit to transform their human minds into the same mind that was in Christ Jesus, they will be molded into My image and My blessings will be able to be delivered into their lives because they are identified as My children.(Romans 12:1-2)
     You are My child and I created your world with My words, the images of those creations which began in My thoughts.  You are made in My image with the same creative powers of your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  You create either a hell on earth or you create a heaven on earth, depending upon which voice in your thoughts you obey.  As My child, you are empowered with My Spirit to only speak uplifting, peaceable, loving words from Me so that you leave a trail of a heavenly atmosphere everywhere you place your feet.  (Romans 10:14-15; Ephesians 6:15)  Jesus did.  My same Spirit is in you that was in Him.  You must choose My words and speak only from love.
     Be determined to create heaven in the earth in the lives of everyone you meet.  Only leave a trail of peace and love.  When you do, you are My child of My love.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father  

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