Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear One,
     There are spiritual event, circumstance and situation planners who influence you constantly as to what your future will become.  Those planners are from My heaven and also from the devil's hell who tempt My children to agree with their plans for future events to happen.  From My heaven comes My Holy Spirit and from hell comes the devil and his demons who influence your thoughts so that you will choose either My wonderful plans for your future or the devil's destructive plans for your future. 
    My children think when I said the devil roams about the earth seeking whom he may devour, that that means that he has the power to do whatever he wants in the lives of people. That is erroneous.  He can only do what My children allow him to do as they agree with his plans.  Likewise, I can only do the wonderful things that I have for you in your life by your agreeing with, believing and trusting in My ways which bless your present and your future.  Jesus proclaimed this truth when He said that by the words of your mouth you are blessed and by the words of your mouth you are condemned. 
     I can only do My wonderful works in your life by your permission, because you have asked Me by prayer to enter into situations and you have believed in My ability to change curses into blessings, change negative situations into positive ones.   My Holy Spirit cues you to only speak words from your mouth proclaiming your faith and trust in Me and My kingdom of goodness.  In doing that, you are confessing your loyalty to Me and trusting in My spiritual kingdom coming into your life to change bad circumstances into good circumstances.  Forces from hell have to retreat in defeat when you believe in, trust in and proclaim your allegiance to Me. (John 15:7-9)
     Your previous allegiance to the demonic kingdom, evidenced by your speaking negative words, was the reason for the destructive circumstances or situations having cursed your present life.  You obeyed the devil's temptations to speak bitter, judgmental, divisive, condemning, injurious, angry, wrathful, defeating, accusing, blaming, prideful, jealous, envious, rebellious, contentious and selfish words, which My Spirit said to you are demonic. (James 3:13-16) 
     My Spirit wrote to you that destructive words grieve My Holy Spirit because they cause you to summon demons from hell to curse your life.  I said to LET NO corrupt conversation proceed from your mouth.  None!!  Not one!! (Ephesians 4:29-32)  My Spirit taught that emphatic truth so that you will not switch allegiances from Me to the devil and inherit his curses in you life. You should let those instructive words of Mine convincingly abide in you until your mouth has been cleansed to the point that you take My beneficial advice and let no negative words enter your thoughts because when you meditate on those negative thoughts they will eventually proceed from your mouth and curse you.  (Matthew 12:36-37; Psalm 19;14)
      Life is a battle between good and evil.  Your thoughts, attitudes and words determine whether your life is cursed or blessed.  I said that when you listen to My words and take My advice that you will be blessed in everything that you do.  That is because what I advise you to do causes you to avoid joining even in temporary allegiance with the father of curses which leads you to be cursed in your life. Hear this truth as declared by My Son Jesus and take My advice because My words will cause you to be blessed in everything. (Deuteronomy 28)
      Your Father of Wise Counsel

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