Friday, April 22, 2016


Dear One,
    "Go forth into the earth, My child, producing more of your kind.
     Blessing the earth, My precious child, for the earth is thine.
     For the earth has long awaited the revealing of My sons,
     That it might be released from bondage and be blessed with you as one."
      (Romans 8:19-24)
           My Holy Spirit knew that all of My creations in the earth were subject to the same bondage to evil that My children were subjected when Adam allowed the devil into the earth by yielding to his temptations.  My Spirit wrote through Paul that the earth travails because of the evil that was released into it through Adam's disobedience.  My Spirit said that the earth waits patiently for My children to embrace the truth that they hold the keys to releasing the earth and everything in it from the bondage to evil curses.  My Spirit knew when He wrote this revelation through Paul that Jesus had said that My children would do greater works in the earth because He was going to come back to heaven to be with Me and that We were going to send My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by multitudes of My children.  My Spirit knew that He holds the keys of power and authority to subdue the devil and his evil works and that He, the Holy Spirit, would do greater works through My children than even Jesus did.  (John 14:10-14)
     Where are the greater works?
     Instead of doing the greater works, My Spirit-filled children still yield to the devil and spread his evil in the earth instead of yielding to Me and blessing everybody in the earth and everything in the earth with My loving, peaceful, joyful, good, kind, and patient words to everyone.  My children yield to evil emotional frenzies through which they further religious wars.  They yield to hateful political rhetoric, becoming children of the devil instead of My children and they think they are doing My will.  They yield to  critical, bitter, judgmental, condemning, belittling demons and speak their words instead of My words of love. (Ephesians 4;29-32) They condemn themselves by speaking negative, injurious words to other people and into the earth rather than blessing themselves, other people and the earth by speaking My loving and blessing words.(Matthew 12:37)
      Where are the greater works?
      My Spirit wrote through Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and James the power that is in the words that My children speak because they saw that the devil had deceived My children, tempting them to speak negative, destructive words to or about their children, their mates, their parents, their neighbors, about their governing officials, their siblings and their acquaintances.  It should not be so.  Those are the destructive words of the devil and they are what has continued to curse everything in the earth which causes it to continue to travail for release from the bondage of hell.
      Where are the greater works?
      The greater works come from your mouth and your thoughts, by your having the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. (Romans12:2) The greater works come from your thinking only pure, good, virtuous thoughts of love and then speaking kind, good, patient, loving words from your mouth which bless others and bless the earth, releasing people and the earth from the bondage to evil.  (Philippians 4:8-9) 
      Where are the greater works?
      The greater works come when My children keep the commandment of Jesus, that you love others as I love you. (John 13:34-35)  When you love everyone as I love you, you will only speak words which build up people, words which validate their existence, words which bring grace and forgiveness to people, words which bring peace and tranquility to the hearers, words which glorify Me and My love instead of glorifying the devil and his evil works.  When you only speak loving words, others will want to have the peace and love that you have and they will want to become My children instead of children of religious and political sects which divide and conquer by their cruel, accusatory, fearful words.
      The greater works are in your tongue and in your thoughts, by your thinking loving thoughts from Me and your speaking loving words which proceed from My mouth and are dispensed in the earth through your mouth.  (Romans 10:8)  The entire earth awaits your "greater works" as administered by My Spirit so that all of the earth will benefit from the ministry of Jesus who died for the sins of the whole world.  Further His ministry of love in the earth and you will free people and the earth from the curses of evil.
      Your Father of Love Words     

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