Tuesday, April 12, 2016


    Unfortunately, earthly parents do not have a standard instruction book on how to raise their children. There, unfortunately, are also no universal instruction books written on how people can live happily in their world.  Their lives would turn out much better if there were workable instructions that apply to all children and adults, but there are many different cultures, races, beliefs, religions and traditions in the world so there are no standard morals. 
     Fortunately, I wrote an Instruction Book for My children on how to live their lives so that they will be happy and blessed in every way.  The problem often is that My children fail to read My Book and they fail to follow My valuable instructions. For instance, My Spirit wrote an instruction that parents should never provoke their children to anger, yet the usual discipline meted out to children in My family is done in anger which produces anger in the children.  Anger always begets anger, yet parents in My family consistently deal with their children in anger.  What My own children fail to realize is that discipling children means that the parents disciple their own children the way that Jesus discipled His followers, with loving words and examples through His kind actions.  When parents take time to properly disciple their own children, one on one, teaching them how to act and react in their world, there are no angry outbursts from the children because they do not have examples of anger shown to them by their parents.
     Another example of proper teaching in My Instruction Book relating to how to live efficiently in your world is found in a book that I instructed James to write.  He wrote a long letter on the destructive power of the tongue.  My Holy Spirit who prompted the writing was very emphatic in saying that the tongue is set on fire by hell itself.(James 3:6)  My wise revelation through James was given in order for you to realize the destructive power of the tongue when you speak words in anger, strife, contention, jealousy, envy, rebellion, rivalry, disharmony and all sorts of evil actions and reactions.  The words which come from those attitudes set a raging fire in the life of the person who is speaking and they spread a wild fire to the person to whom the destructive words are spoken. Hell's fires are spread in the earth instead of My love being spread in the earth.
     Destructive words which spread the fires of hell in your family in the earth do not only affect the present situation but they affect all future circumstances and situations.  You have authorized the devil to spread his fires of hell in the earth by yielding to his temptation to accept his negative thoughts and attitudes which are precursors to words spoken from your mouth, cursing your present and your future, plus the future of your family. (James 3:3-6) 
    James said, by revelation of my Holy Spirit, that if there is a person who has wisdom from Me, that person is able to bridle his or her tongue because that person has paid heed to My insights and instructions.  I wrote through him that every bit of guidance that is taught by Me is that you must be peaceable, considerate, gentle, loving, courteous and kind, filled with compassion, reason and other good fruits.  I said that those gentle thoughts and words are free from doubts,  They are unwavering and without hypocrisy.  When peaceful words are spoken by you, then you invite My glorious kingdom to spread My love in your family in the earth instead of the fires of hell being spread by your mouth. (James 3;17)
     I even said that when you tame your tongues that you will harvest crops of righteousness by conforming to My will in thought, attitude, words and deeds.  I said that words sown in peace will cause you to harvest peace in your life and in the lives of others.  I said that you will have concord, harmony and agreement with all people.  In addition, I added that an extra, valuable benefit is that you will have a peaceful mind that is free from fears, agitating passions and conflict.(James 3:18)  That is a huge plus, the benefit of only speaking from My righteousness.
     Those promises of future harvests in your life that come from peaceful thoughts and kind words are the benefits of being My child who only sows  My kingdom of love and peace and therefore harvests love and peace, 
     The words of your mouth determine your future.  They either justify you as being My child, worthy of My blessings; or they condemn you as being a person who spreads the fires of hell in the earth, worthy of destruction.  (Matthew 12:37)
     As My child, there is an Instruction Book.  Not only is there an Instruction Book but I also gave to you My Holy Spirit who gives you the power to control your tongue, giving you power to refuse to spread the fires of hell into your life and the lives of your family members.  Instead, He gives you the power to only think and speak peaceful words which bring peace to the hearer and peace to your future. (Ephesians 4:29-32)
     There are verbal accelerants and there are verbal gracious healers.  Choose which one you want to harvest into your life by what you allow to proceed from your mouth.  That is a simple truth, but a wise choice.
     Your Truthful and Tutoring Father        

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