Thursday, April 28, 2016


Dear One,
    It is atmospheric energy that produces hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes which destroy human life and property. It is underground energy which causes volcanoes to erupt and destroy life and property.  It is negative human emotional energy in the form of attitudes which destroys the emotional lives of people with words which are set on fire by hell and spread like wild fires among humans.  (James 3:6) 
    My children are ignorant of the power of their tongues and how they can spread the kingdom of hell in the earth, destroying all people in the path of their words.  James knew it by revelation. (James 3;10-12) Paul knew it by revelation.  (Ephesians 4:29-32) You need to know it by revelation.
   What I have commissioned My children to do is to spread My kingdom of love in the earth through their attitudes, words and actions by becoming physical witnesses of My love.  Unfortunately, what happens occasionally is that My children get caught up in witnessing in order to make disciples of their denominations instead of themselves becoming visual witnesses of My character. When they make disciples of their denominations, they make disciples of their own negative attitudes and chacteristics, spreading hatred, anger, dissension, discord and strife in the earth which causes negative energy which affects the atmospheric energy.  The result is that storms and destruction are the eventual result of their collective negative energy affecting the weather. 
    The ministry to which My children have been called by Me is the ministry of My good news, the news that I am in love with all of humanity and I love the earth that I created for My children to thrive and enjoy. (John 3:16-17)  That is the good news of what Jesus Christ accomplished in the earth, destroying the works of the devil in the earth. (John 10:10; I John 3:8)  Instead of spreading My good news, My deceived children spread bad news.  They say that I am angry at humanity and that I am determined to destroy the earth.  The truth is that I sent My Son into the world to save the world from the works of the devil.  However, the evil one has deceived My children into believing that I am angry with humanity.  Jesus died to save the world, not destroy it.  The devil wants to destroy the world through My own children by deceiving them with his doctrines of destruction.  The strategy that has worked for him from the beginning of time is that the devil causes turmoil between husband and wife, parents and children, neighbors against neighbors, governments against governments, religions against religions and on and on until he is successful in cursing the earth through My own deceived children.
    Can you understand why I said that bitter and evil speaking grieve Me and My Holy Spirit?  I sent My Spirit into the lives of My children so that He would teach My children how to cleanse the vessels in the earth in which I live so that they would only spread love in the earth through their attitudes and words.  Instead, like Adam, many have been deceived, falling for the lies of the devil who gains their allegiance to his kingdom by making My own children messengers of strife.  What grieves My Spirit is that many of the deceived children think they are spreading their ministry of hatred for Me.   They are merely after religious and political gain.  They have left their love for Me and they enjoy the deception because of pride.
    My children who keep their first love for Me, always being in communion with Me instead of being in communion with deceiving spirits, they are My children who are furthering My kingdom of love in the earth.  I said if you live in My words and if My words live in you that you are My child.  (John 14:23; John 15:7-8)  There is only one commandment under My new covenant with humanity and that is the commandment that you love others as I love you.  My love involves instant forgiveness, instant mercy, instant compassion, instant control over demonic thoughts, attitudes, words and actions because My children know My voice and they are not deceived by the evil voices which tempt them to be in conflict with anyone.
    I am only glorified when you bear much fruit of My love in your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions. (John 15:8-10)  That is the only way I am glorified in the earth is through My children and their displaying the true characteristics of My love.
    My children must learn to refuse thoughts that are contrary to My love.  They must learn to use the power of My Spirit and cast those thoughts into hell.  If not, negative thoughts will become destructive attitudes and words which curse themselves, other people and the earth in which you live.
    My Spirit wants to reveal the fullness of My love to you.  When you are established in My love, you are filled with the fullness of My character and you become My true witnesses in the earth.(Ephesians 3:14-20)  People will see My love in you and glorify Me BECAUSE LOVE EMOTES POSITIVE ENERGY WHICH HEALS AND SAVES..
    Your Father of Love

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