Monday, April 11, 2016


Dear One,
    Under My old covenant with the human lineage through whom My Son Jesus would descend, the priests were commanded by Me to cleanse the temple, taking out all uncleanness and then to sanctify it.  (II Chronicles 29:15-17)
    When My children become born of My Spirit, their spirits are cleansed by the presence of My Holy Spirit.  My Spirit justifies you, making you a legal child of Mine.  It is called justification, all of it done by Me after you have invited Me to live in you.  From that day forward, My Holy Spirit desires to cleanse your thoughts, your emotions and your bodies of all uncleanness that was deposited in you by your earthly heritage and your previous experiences.  In other words, He wants to clean the temple of My Holy Spirit where I live in the earth. (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  I do not like living in temples that are filled with the fruits of evil because in My heaven there is purity and holiness.  When a child of mine chooses to live with the uncleanness, then that child has chosen a different father than Me. 
     Like a good parent I not only want you to clean up your temple where I live in the earth, but I take up a spiritual broom, a mop, a scrubber, spiritual cleaning liquids and I work right along with you in order to efficiently do the work of sanctifying My temple. To sanctify means to make holy, to separate from former uncleanness.  In doing that, cleaning My dwelling place in the earth which is your body, then your light will begin to shine before people and glorify Me.  But, If your temple continues being inhabited by evil, unclean thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions, then the attitudes coming from that temple are from hell, constantly being programmed by the devil by his temptations of the person.  The devil is glorified instead of Me.
    I also know that your ability to receive all of your inheritance from Me is for you to have all of the character attributes of My Holy Spirit.  That is another reason for your allowing the cleansing of My temple in you by My Spirit.  That is what the baptism of fire is.  It's when you allow My Spirit, with His cleansing spiritual fire, to burn out the dross that remains from your former life in which you were separated from Me by the devil who desires to destroy you.  (Isaiah 59:1-16)  The tares must be driven from you.  And when they are, only the wheat remains.  To be cleansed and sanctified means to be free of demonic influences.  It is to be in unity with My Holy Spirit who is Lord of your life if My Spirit lives in you.  (II Corinthians 3:17)
     You have read that My train fills the temple.  (Isaiah 6:1)  The train is the spiritual essence of My Spirit in the clothes that cover Me entirely, because I am clothed with righteousness.  My purity and holiness clothe Me all the way to the tip of the train of My clothes.  That is why James said that in Me there is no shadow of turning, being unclean in some places and clean in other places.  (James 1:17)  I do not speak negative, bitter, unclean words like My children often do when speaking to each other.  I only speak uplifting, loving, pure, encouraging and virtuous words to My children. 
     When you have cleansed My temple, which is your body, you have put away all bitter, vindictive, abusive, divisive, hating or angry attitudes and words, and you have put on sweet, kind, good, peaceful, loving and gracious attitudes and words which build up the hearers instead of tearing down the hearers. In cleaning house, you have cleaned a part of My temple, which is your tongue and you will be blessed by the words of your mouth.  I said by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned.  Only speak words which bless and edify others.  (Matthew 12;37)   In doing that, you amplify My love in the earth and you don't grieve the Holy Spirit.  (Ephesians 4:29-30) My Spirit is grieved when He knows that He can't answer your prayers because of your bad attitudes and destructive words.
      Thoughts, attitudes, words and actions are important.  When they are from love, they fulfill all of the commandments. 
       It is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom.  Make it your good pleasure to clean house in your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  When you cleanse your thoughts, your attitudes and your tongue, you make it easy for me to bless you.   
      Your Loving Father    

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