Wednesday, April 6, 2016


   I am your Good Father who can fix anything and everything.  Jesus told His followers that they must not mentally spin out of control and toil aimlessly in their limited earthly knowledge because worrying, fretting, mentally spinning like a top, and aimlessly toiling to try to fix a human situation are not only nonproductive but they are counterproductive.  They cause fight or flight hormones to pour from your endocrine system which overload your body, causing diseases and destruction to your own body. (Matthew 6:25-34)  Jesus said that I already know your needs and that I will supply them. 
    In that teaching session Jesus told His followers (you included) that what you need to do, instead of trying to fix something that is out of your control, is to fix yourself of bad attitudes which release the devil's negative energy from you, stopping negative talking which will cause you to curse your own life, stopping judging people, instead forgiving people who offend you, never returning evil for evil done to you, giving extra to anyone who robs you, and loving your enemies. He taught those principles right along with telling you to let Him fix all troubling matters in your life. (Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 5:23-26; 38-47) 
     In other words, you fix what you can fix in your own thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions and let me fix the difficult circumstances and situations in your life.  I have a view from My heaven that you do not have.  I see the demonic activity that is causing your problems.  I have My obedient and effective ways and means group of angels who are eager to follow My instructions to solve your problems.  They work at My command and they carry out the solution to your problems efficiently.  The only thing that can stop their work and My work in your behalf is if your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions are contrary to the atmosphere of My heaven.  If areas of your life display unforgiveness, judgment, vengeance, self centeredness and bitterness toward anyone, then I cannot bring My marvelous workings into your situation because of the attitudes from hell which are controlling your life.  Hellish attitudes set up barricades which will not allow Us to work our problem solving miracles in your life.
     That is why Jesus went into such a long lecture on your attitudes, because they can thwart My working in your life. That is why He taught the Beatitudes, because He was telling you that good attitudes attract My kingdom to work in your behalf but the devil's bad attitudes emanating from you will attract the devil's kingdom of evil to work their destruction in your life.  Jesus did not teach those beneficial instructions to shame you if you are exhibiting bad attitudes.  He taught them to you as a means for you to clean up your mind and your mouth in order to insure that I can bring My myriad of angels and do our mighty works in your behalf because you have provided a pure, holy, virtuous atmosphere in which for us to work.  He was not shaming you.  He was telling you how to elevate yourself spiritually by ridding yourself of harmful thoughts, attitudes, words and actions from hell which tempted you to take on the character of evil, resulting in curses which torment you.
    So again I tell you, let Me fix bad circumstances and situations for you with My mighty power by your allowing me to send out My instructions in the prayer languages of My Holy Spirit through your mouth.  That is how you allow me to solve every problem. (Romans 8:26-27)  Then your "fixing" work must be done by fixing your own thoughts, attitudes, words and actions so that they are in unity  with My character and personality until you are reflections of My love in the earth.   In an atmosphere of love I can do anything and everything for you.  In an atmosphere of love I can perfect everything that looks impossible.  In an atmosphere of love I can do miracles.  In an atmosphere of love I can heal afflictions,  In an atmosphere of love I can change circumstances and situations so that you are blessed abundantly.
     When your thoughts turn to trying to "fix" a bad situation, immediately give the situation to Me agin to fix, completely taking your hands off of it.  Then ask me how you can fix yourself, ridding your mind of the tendency to try to take over and do your own will in the matter.  If you do take it over, then I have to stop My efficient work in the situation and let you try your own ineffective ways because I gave you free will to make your own decisions.  I cannot override your will because I am a just Father. 
    Remember that human knowledge is limited in the ability to efficiently fix circumstances and situations.  Only My vast wisdom, knowledge, insight and working forces can efficiently fix every problem that the devil throws your way.  When you are tempted, because of impatience, to take back from Me any problem, switch the "fixing" mode in your mind from trying to fix the problem and instead "fix" your own attitudes until you have unconditional love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, immovable faith and self control toward the people involved in the troubling situation. 
     When I said that faith without works is dead, I meant that the works of love toward others sets the atmosphere in your life for the faith that you have in Me to produce magnificent results. (James 2:17-20; I John 2:9-11)  There is no other way and I taught this truth over and over in My Instruction Book. 
     Guard your mind against trying to fix any troublesome situation that you have already given to me.  Instead, begin to "fix" every thought, attitude, speaking and action in you that is contrary to My character.  You do your part and let Me do My part which is the miracle part.
     Your Loving Fix-It Father            

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