Monday, April 4, 2016


Dear One,
   You can have perfect peace in the midst of a trying situation when you intimately know Me and My firm, stable promises to you.  You can have peace that passes understanding when your mind is fixated on Me and My powerful ability to change trying situations into calm ones. (Psalm 26:3) Faith is being convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that My plans and orchestrations in order to bring peace to a situation are yes, amen, so be it. (II Corinthians 1:20) Faith in Me knows that the trying situations are merely temporary and that My circumstance changing strategies are forever and permanent. Faith knows that I look for belief and faith in the world in order to work My wonderful and healing ways.
    Remember that Jesus could not do any of His miracles in certain cities because of the unbelief that was resident in the people.  However, He was able to do great miracles where there was faith and belief in My abilities and powers.
    If you have doubt and unbelief, begin to program your mind with the realities of the healing and miracles that I did through Jesus, Peter and Paul.  Some are written in My Instruction Book.  They are documented in order to increase the faith of My children.  Also listen to current and contemporary testimonies of the power of My Holy Spirit today in the earth and His glorious workings that are considered miracles in your day.  Through the reality of those testimonies you will see your faith increasing, knowing that I am no respecter of persons and what I did for others I will do for you. (II Thessalonians 1:10)   As My child of faith, review the miracles that I have performed in your own life in the past, going over them increment by increment in your mind until you are convinced that I am still in the miracle performing business today in the earth. Also set yourself apart from other people who would rob you of your faith and, instead, seek My kingdom and My righteousness so that My personal, faith-filled words to you will infuse you with My own faith, which is a fruit of My Holy Spirit. From the inside of you, where My Holy Spirit lives, I will pass on to your mind the faith that is necessary to believe in My working miracles in your behalf.  Since faith comes by hearing My words to you, there will be no doubt that I am working in your behalf to change worrisome circumstances to peaceful ones, and I can change strife filled situations into loving ones. (Romans 10:17)
    It is written in My Instruction Book that Jesus told certain people to have no fear, but to only believe.  (Mark 5:16; Luke 8:49-50)  Fear is a detriment to faith because a spirit of fear convinces you that bad things will happen, which is the opposite of faith in Me and My powers.  You must cast fear thoughts from you, only thinking about My promises to My children, thinking about the miracles of Jesus and thinking about My miracles performed in your behalf.
     Fear brings torment but faith brings peace.  Faith produces thoughts that no matter what the circumstances appear to be, I am able to bless you abundantly, changing the negative circumstances, situations and people into positive, peaceful, loving ones.  That is what is My great pleasure to do, in the absence of fear I can change curses into blessings in your life.  (Luke 12:32)
    Faith says, "Be it unto me according to your words, Father, for my eyes have seen your salvation in this matter."
    Remember that I delight in answering your prayers which bring peace to a matter and peace to you.
    Your Miracle Performing Father

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