Monday, April 25, 2016


Dear One,
    Your brother Jesus taught about the power of the tongue on many occasions.  My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul, Peter, James and John about the power of words on numerous occasion, more than about anything else.  Jesus taught the intricate truth about the location from where words originate.   He said that words come from whatever is in abundance in the heart of a person.  His comparison to a tree and its fruit is a viable comparison.  He said that an evil tree cannot bear good fruit and a good tree cannot bear evil fruit, that it is impossible.  He was teaching that the core of a person must be changed, not just his or her words. (Matthew 12:33-37)
     Jesus said that you are blessed or cursed in your life according to the words that come from your mouth because condemning words come from an unclean spirit and blessing words come from My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 12:43-45) He said that all words that are judgmental, condemning, divisive, belittling, angry, hateful or jealous come from an unclean sprit and the words that come from those unclean spirits will curse the life of a person..
     My Spirit said through James that if both blessings and curses come from the mouth of a person that it should not be so.  (James 3:10-13) In teaching about the power of words Jesus said that if the home of My Holy Spirit in the earth is divided against itself, speaking both blessings and curses, that it will not stand, that it will eventually fall.  (Matthew 12:25)
     I do not reject you or condemn you when you speak evil words from your mouth.  I have mercy upon you because I grieve, just as My Holy Spirit grieves, when you speak evil words.  (Ephesians 4:29-32) We grieve for you because We know that you have cursed your own life with negative words spoken to anyone or about anyone.  We cannot redeem your words.  You must redeem your words by making peace with the hearers of your evil words and then speaking only words which bring peace to the hearers.
     So what is the permanent cure for you if you have continued to speak both blessings and curses which curse you as well as curse the listeners?  Your heart needs to be changed since it is out of the abundance of either the good spirits or the good spirits in your heart that you speak either good words or evil words.  You must be determined to allow My Spirit to change your heart by revealing to you My love for all people. (Ephesians 3:14-20)  A revelation of My love will change the core of your being from thoughts of evil to good thoughts.  When you intimately know Me and My love, every thought, attitude, word and actions from you will be of love.  Paul prayed that My Spirit would reveal to you the height, width, length and breadth of My love.  You can pray that for yourself and seek that revelation until you are filled with Me and My love.
     When you are filled with the experiential knowledge of My love, then you will not speak both words of blessings others and words of cursing others.   You will only speak blessings words because you will be filled with Me and since I am Love you will be filled with loving, blessing words.
     I have laid out before you the reason that many of you are cursed in your lives, that being because you are still of the flesh, speaking words of your former lives that were rooted in the devil's verbal rhetoric.  Many of you have not received a revelation of My love because you have not asked Me to reveal My love to you.  When your human mind is filled with a revelation of My love, then your words will always be loving words because My love is what is abundant in your heart.
     I said when you seek Me that you will find Me.  When you seek a revelation of My love, you will receive a revelation of My love.  You must stay in a mode of always seeking for the revelation to be complete because revelation is a constant unveiling.
     I love to reveal My love because when My children intimately know My love, they are filled with My fullness.
     Ask My Holy Spirit for a revelation of My love and you will be filled with My fullness.(Ephesians 3:19)
     Your Love Speaking Father

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