Sunday, April 17, 2016


Dear One,
    A famous singer, Janis Joplin, always screamed to her audiences, "What is truth?"  There was no one to was willing to tell her a simple truth which would free her.  That truth is that I am love.
    Another simple truth is that to My children who listen to My words and heed them, applying My truths to their lives, I am their God in the earth, their Father of love. (Matthew 6:33)
    To those of My children who listen to the words of the devil and heed them, applying his lies to their lives, the evil one is their god in the earth, their father of destruction.(John 8:43-45)
    It's that simple.
    Anyone who seeks My kingdom, obeying My Fatherly words of love will prosper in all that they do. Anyone who obeys the destructive temptations of the devil will experience his destruction is all that they do. (Deuteronomy 28)
    Yes, it's that simple.
    This truth is why I said that My children either choose good or they choose evil, they either choose blessings or they choose curses to flood into their lives.
    What My children fail to recognize is the difference between My beneficial words in their thoughts which lead to blessings and the devil's voice of temptation in their thoughts which lead to his curses.  They think that the devil's thoughts of judging others, being angry with others, lusting, being vengeful, lying, envying, opposing others, hating others, worrying, fretting, and other thoughts that are not of love are only their own thoughts which are harmless.  They are not harmless, just as Jesus said.  He said if you are angry with anyone that it is the same as killing.  He said that if you lust after anyone that it is the same as adultery.  He said if you seek revenge against anyone that it is from hell.  He said if you worry and fret about anything that you are yielding to the devil's temptation to be fearful.  He said that if you judge others you are displaying the character of the devil who put the judgmental thoughts in your mind.   (Matthew 5:21-48; Matthew 7:1-2)
     It's all that simple.
     I did not teach you through Jesus the truth about the two spiritual kingdoms that are operating in the world in order to condemn you if you accept the devil's thoughts into your mind.  Those angry thoughts form angry attitudes which will proceed from your mouth and curse you or cause you to do evil actions to others. (II Corinthians 4:2-6) I merely taught the truth about the two kingdoms at work in the world because I love you.  As your good Father I want you to recognize the voice of evil that comes to tempt you in your thoughts to have his dastardly attitudes which become angry words and destructive actions, causing you to receive his inheritance of death and destruction. 
    I taught you to discern every thought, whether it is from My kingdom of love.  If the thoughts that come into your mind are from Me, they are always of love for everyone. (John 13:34)    
     In all of those teachings your Brother Jesus was trying to reveal to you that there are two kingdoms present in your world, My good kingdom and the devil's evil kingdom.  He was telling you that you must learn to discern, by the power of My Holy Spirit, which thoughts are from hell and which thoughts are from Me.  Then if you choose the thoughts of love, you will prosper in all that you do.  If you choose to act on the evil thoughts, speaking and doing evil actions, then you will inherit nothing from Me; instead, you will inherit hell's death and destruction in your life. 
     It's all that simple.
     My revelation to you that you have the authority to choose between good and evil was given at the beginning of the world.  It is called free will.  Since the beginning I have striven to get this truth into your mind.  My battle has been with the devil and his principalities and powers who have put a veil over the minds of My children which has convinced them that I tempt and try them to do either evil or good.  I am your good Father who neither temps nor tries you.  I know your level of faith.  Why would I need to test your faith?  (James 1:12-18)  Your battle is the same, against the devil and his demons, not against people.  (Ephesians 6: 11-12)
     It's all that simple.
     I gave you My Holy Spirit who gives you the wisdom to discern the evil temptations in your mind, and I gave you the authority to cast them into hell,  I also gave you the power to defeat all of the evil works of the devil.
     Seek His wisdom and I will teach you how to live an abundant life.
     It's all that simple.
     Your Powerful and Triumphant Father        

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