Friday, April 8, 2016


Dear One,
    What does it mean to seek My righteousness?  (Matthew 6:33) It means to seek to be like Me, to be conformed to My image, to exemplify My character in your flesh, to be loving to your friends and your enemies, to be peaceful in all trying situations, to be patient with those who are irritable and those who do not desire to be conformed to My righteousness, to be peaceful instead of depressed, sad and worried, to be merciful to everyone who breaks civil and religious laws, to be kind to everyone, to do good works toward the oppressed, the poor, the abused and the ill, to be filled with faith while others are fearful, and to be in control of their negative emotions at all times.  Those are the workings of My Holy Spirit from the inside of you which transforms the outside of you into a replica of My personality so that you become the light of the world, a beacon on a hill, the salt of the earth.(Matthew 5:13-16)
    My Holy Spirit is the miracle worker who accomplishes those feats from the inside of you.  He is the One who teaches you about Me and My positive character traits.  He is the One who reveals My love for you.  (I John 4:16) He is the One who takes the scriptures about Jesus and enlightens your mind so that you intimately know Him; and because you are One with Him and with Me, you begin to emulate Us by spiritual osmosis because you have spent so much time alone with Me.
     Seeking My righteousness means that you seek to intimately know Me, being conformed more and more to My image because you hear My words and allow them to transform you into My personality, displaying My character.
      The world waits for My true children to be revealed so that My character of love can permeate the world and glorify My true nature because it has seen Me in My children. 
      Like I told you before, it's like the son who adores his father, spends so much time with his father that he begins to talk, act and dress like his father.  Soon people begin to say that the son worships his father.  The son doesn't bow down to his father or raise his hands in praise to his father, but he loves his father so much that he emulates his father in all that he does and that is the highest form of worship, to desire to be like his father.
     That is what Jesus meant when He said that the true worshipers must worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  (Mark 4:22-24) To worship Me in Spirit means that you have allowed My Spirit to show you every element of My true personality of love and in being that united and intimate with Me you become like Me, a reflection of Me.   Worshiping Me in truth means that you have asked and received My wisdom and knowledge so frequently that My truth begins to overcome you and make your flesh a new creation along with your spirit, and you are led by My Spirit at all times instead of being a part-time child of Mine, sometimes being led by the flesh and sometimes being led by My Spirit.  It is impossible to be a part-time child of Mine because the forces of satan and My forces cannot exist together.  You either are devoted to the one or the other. (Matthew 6:22-33)
      Seek My righteousness with your whole heart so that you will know Me so intimately that you are never shaken off of the truth of My love for you and for the world. (John 3:16-17)
      Your Loving and Gracious Father

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