Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Dear One,
    The need for love is present in the psyches of every person who walks in the earth.  Because My family is a family of love, all humans desire to be smothered with My love which enables them to be truly satisfied and happy.  Temporary human love only suffices for a short time, and then the craving for My unconditional love begins again.  Fortunately, for all humans, I have supplied My fulfilling love through My Holy Spirit who reveals My love to My children.  Because My Spirit teaches My children to love others as I love them, it is their ministry to distribute capsules of My love to others so that the reality of being loved is evident to the world. (Matthew 5:16)
     My unconditional love is irresistible.  Because of the longing of the human heart for love, when a person is presented with love from My children, the desire is present to seek Me for a direct experience of being baptized in My love.
     The most effective capsules of love which you need to pass on to others are loving words.  Words heal or words injure.  Words build up or words tear down.  Words elevate or words denigrate.  Words stabilize or words destroy. Words dispense grace or words dispense condemnation.  (Jeremiah 1;9-12)  Some words come from heaven and some words come from hell, depending upon to whom the speaker is listening at the time.  (John 8:44)  Jesus said that you give account for every idle word that you speak which brings judgment on others.  That happens when you speak angry, destructive, bitter dominating, controlling, judgmental, belittling words to others. (Matthew 12:35-37) The judgment upon you is that you will be judged by hell because you have spread the fires of hell into the life of another person and the devil will see that you grow plants from his seeds that you planted, cursing your own life as well as the person you cursed.(James 3:5-6)
     My love words do the opposite.  They heal every damaged crevice in the souls of people to whom you speak.  They reinforce the stable foundation that has been previously laid in the mind of the listener.  They validate the existence of the hearers, allowing them to have the image in their minds of their own worth because they are worthy to be loved and prized by someone.  It only takes the loving, validating words of one person to begin to erase the instability in the damaged egos of some people.  That is why I asked you to love others as I love you, because My loving words to you placed you upon the stable rock of security which is necessary before a person can pass on My love to others.
     Monitor your thoughts.  Discern whether they are from heaven or from hell. Reject every thought that is not a thought of love toward everyone.  Also monitor your attitudes and words to others, whether they bless or curse the hearers.  If your words are capsules of love, they will cause the hearers to be acquainted with My love and they will desire to know Me because you have been a living testimony of My unconditional love.
     My Holy Spirit said that My words are sharper than a two edged sword, cutting between the soul and the spirit of a person. (Hebrews 4:12) Know this truth also, because you are created in My image your words also are sharp, cutting between the minds and the spirits of others, either building a temple of love in that person or tearing down the stability of My temple in that person.  Loving, validating,  complimentary words build a house of love in others.
    People swallow mega vitamins in capsule form in order to be healthy.  Speaking loving words to everyone will keep you healthy and whole.  Jesus said that it's not what goes in the stomach that defiles a person, but that it's what comes out of the mouth that defiles a person.  Jesus was always speaking truths that shocked the hearers.  He still is, through My Spirit.  (Matthew 15:16-20)   
    Capsules of loving words with bless others and bless your life.  Jesus said this truth and it's 100% true.  Keep His commandment to love others as I love you, speaking loving, peaceful words, and you will be My children of love in the earth which houses love starved people.
    You want to be blessed?  Then speak loving words to everyone which will edify them and deliver My grace to them. (Ephesians 4:29-32)
     Your Loving, Kind Father

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