Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Dear One,
    My children have instructions from Me on how to overcome every difficulty, every toxic situation, every reason for depression and every feeling of defeat.  My instructions are to choose to rejoice and be joyful.  (Isaiah 12:3-5)  In choosing to rejoice and be joyful, you choose to proclaim that I am your Father, the Father of all beneficial solutions.  I told Isaiah that choosing to rejoice and be joyful, instead of being depressed, defeated, confused and sad, that rejoicing pumps living water out of the well of salvation that is inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit, renewing your mind that I have the answer to your prayers and the solution to your problems.  The waters of salvation are the waters of which Jesus spoke, the living waters that come from My Holy Spirit. (John 7:38-39)
    The devil brings tribulations into your life hoping that you will lose your joy over his testing of your faith.  (James 1:2-4)  When you lose your joy, by refusing to  rejoice. you accept his defeat because you join with him instead of with Me.  You change the object of your loyalties from Me to the evil one, yielding to his depression instead yielding to My joy.  The way to overcome that descent into depression is for you to immediately choose to rejoice when trials come into your life at the orchestration of the devil.  Tributulations, which are the trying of your faith which come from the devil, are to engage you in believing in the devil's destruction instead of believing in My overcoming power.  (John 16:33) 
    Rejoicing is the spiritual automation which pumps My living waters to the surface of your mind and your mouth, bringing from the inside of you the verbal confirmation of your confidence in Me.  Rejoicing and choosing to be joyful announces to the demonic forces that I am your Father and that I will see that the bad incident or situation has to yield to My power which makes it into a blessing instead of a curse.  It is by rejoicing that every spiritual and emotional battle ends in victory for you.  Rejoicing is the helmet of salvation of which I spoke when I told you that all battles are against demonic powers instead of with people.  You put on the helmet of salvation by rejoicing, which brings to the surface saving words and attitudes from My Holy Spirit who lives in you.  Those words empower your mind and your mouth, causing you to effectively use My weapons of spiritual words to win the battles.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    If you will make rejoicing a major part of your verbal proclamations when things go awry, you will always be the head and not the tail, you will always be above every trial instead of under the burden of every trial sent by the devil.  You will be victorious before victory is apparent to your natural eyes if you will rejoice during troubles.  Rejoicing brings healing waters out of the wells of beneficial solutions that are resident in the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of you.
    Therefore with joy will you draw waters out of the well of salvation and in that day you will proclaim, "Praise the Lord."
     When problems come, choose to rejoice in Me and My solutions.
     When troubles come, choose to rejoice in Me and My orchestrations.
     When tribulations come, choose to rejoice in Me and My overcoming power.
     When testings and trials come, choose to rejoice in Me and My powerful abilities which cause you to overcome them every time.
     The devil can't stand your praises of Me and your rejoicing.  They are deafening to his ears, causing him to exit from the situation and taking his demons of trials, testings, tribulation, problems and troubles with him.  If you will rejoice and praise Me when things are upsetting, it shortens the time of the demonic imposition and then the troublesome situations disappear quickly. 
    Praising Me and rejoicing accomplishes great things, the most effective is that they stop the works of the devil in your life.
    Your Tutoring, Loving Father

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