Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Dear One,
     Whatever a person thinks in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7-8)  Whatever words you eat that proceed from the mouths of others, you will vomit out of your mouth and if they are not of love, so will you lose your sweet words that come from My Spirit. 
    I told you not to eat the familiar garbage of judgmental religious zealots, mean spirited political personalities, naysayers, friends or acquaintances who spout fear, defeat, dissension and conflict.  If you eat their words, taking them in through your ears, you will vomit them out of your mouth.  If they are not of love, they will curse your life because by your words you are condemned as having yielded to the devil or by your words you are justified as being My child. (Matthew 12:35-37)
    My words and perceptions are opposite from the ones that come from the mouths of people who are filled with perceptions that come from hell, those people who do not hear My love-filled, peace-filled words from My mouth.  When you hear words from others that judge and curse people, you will form in your mind a perception of the people who were cursed by those children of mine who have judgmental perceptions of others.  You will form an opinion of being in opposition to the people who were judged and cursed and you will eventually curse them also, causing yourself to also be judged and cursed.  When that happens, you will be one of the ones to whom Jesus referred as, "Woe are you," because you have judged others like the Pharisees did.  (Matthew 18:6-9; Matthew 23:10-15; Matthew 23:23-33)
    Your perceptions come from the attitudes of your earthly parents, your religious teachers, your politicians, your friends, your siblings, your acquaintances.  If those people do not seek Me and hear My personal words to them which are words of love and peace, then you have eaten their garbage and then have vomited garbage out of your mouths.  Your words have cursed your present and future because you did not judge or discern the words as being from hell.  Instead, you gobbled them up, spewed them out of your mouth and then you wonder why things are falling apart in your life.  You ate garbage words from hell, meditated upon them until they became attitudes and perceptions.  Then you spoke them and cursed your own life.  You wonder why you are cursed and have inherited woes instead of blessings.
     Your perceptions of the actions of others are attitudes which carry energy with them, either energy of My kingdom or energy from hell.  If they are from Me, they are filled with love, goodness, kindness and forgiveness.  You will speak from those attitudes and receive love, goodness, kindness, mercy and forgiveness from others.  If your perceptions are from hell, they are filled with hatred, judgment, discord, bitterness and strife.  You will speak from those attitudes and receive curses from hell into your life.  By your words you are either blessed or cursed.
     Isaiah prophesied that there would be those people whose hearing is so dulled by the devil that they do not choose to perceive My words.  Instead, they hear the words of their enemy spoken through the mouths of others and they develop a perception of judgment which boomerangs back and judges them.  (Matthew 13:14-23)  They do not connect their judgment which came upon them with their own judgment of others.
     Remember that the only judgment that I ask you to do is to judge or discern the spirits that are speaking through others, whether they are from hell or whether they are from Me. Reject any words that are not from My love. (Romans 5:5-8; II Corinthians 13:10:  II Thessalonians 3:5; II Timothy 1:7; I John 3:10; I John 4:8-16)
     You must refuse to eat the words of the devil as delivered through religious and political scribes and Pharisees.  Isaiah said if you do that you will vomit them out of your mouth and curse your life.  He said if you eat negative, judgmental words that you will lose the sweetness of words that come from Me.
     Some of My children are consumed with eating the right kinds of foods in order to say healthy and live long lives.  Jesus said that My kingdom does not consist of what you eat or drink.  He said My kingdom consists of righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 12:33-37; Matthew 15: 16-20;Romans 14:17)
     Your perceptions of others will either be thoughts of forgiveness and love or they will be thoughts of judgment and condemnation.  Whichever perceptions you speak will determine whether you will be forgiven or whether you will be condemned. (Matthew 6:13)  If you forgive others, then the road from My heaven to you is clear so that My forgiveness flows constantly to you.  But if you refuse to forgive others, then your judgment of others will block My forgiveness from flowing to you.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     Do not eat the garbage of judgment that comes from the mouths of others or you will speak judging words and be judged.  Instead, if you protect your mind from negative speaking, you will speak sweet words of love and be known as My child.
     Your FATHER OF LOVE     

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