Monday, May 2, 2016


Dear One,
    My Son and your Brother Jesus, who died for your mistakes, misdeeds, sins, transgressions and iniquities so that you would have have to suffer death or retribution for them, He taught to My children all things which are useful for living a life of joy and happiness in the earth.  He was well schooled in the tactics of the devil, who is the father of death and destruction, so the primary subject in the teachings of Jesus involve how to avoid the traps set by the devil to snare people.  
    The warnings by Jesus about avoiding judging others was the subject most often repeated and emphasized because it is by judging others that death and destruction enter into the lives of My children.  Judging is the main activity of hell because I judged the devil and cast him out of My heaven, so the evil spirit of the devil wants to incorporate My children into his mental activity of judging people so that he can claim them as part of his family with the spiritual inheritance of death and destruction.
    I asked Jesus to teach the rest of My children that judging other humans puts them in the family of the devil and the results will be that they will be judged by the devil because that is what he does, judges and condemns.  Jesus came to earth to bring life to people and to give life more than abundantly.  The life that I give is righteousness, love, peace and joy in the person of My Holy Spirit. (John 10:10; Romans 14:17) 
    Jesus taught that humans judge the flesh of people, their looks, their race, their religious practices, their neatness, their physical attributes, their education, their habits, their speech and their actions.  He said that when you do judge others by their flesh, then you will be judged by the same measure that you judge others.  The spiritual principle is that if you sow judgment, you will reap judgment because you have placed yourself in the family of the judge, the devil.  When you sow mercy and compassion, meaning you only look on the spirit of the person, not the flesh, you will reap mercy and compassion for yourself because you have joined My family of mercy and compassion.  When you are united with Me and My family, then mercy and compassion are your primary thoughts toward others because My Spirit in you will discern the difference between the flesh and the spirits of others.
    Mercy coming from you will forgive others for not living up to your expectations. Judging others is an attitude which comes from pride, and pride always leads to a fall, a separation from My grace.  Pride will come between you and Me quickly, separating us immediately.  (Isaiah 59:1-2)
    When Jesus said that He and I only judge according to the spirit, He was revealing that our spiritual sights can separate the actions of the flesh from the real person, which is the spirit of the person.  We discern the difference between the flesh and the spirit of a person, as revealed to My children by My Holy Spirit.  When you know that the flesh of a person has been programmed by outward influences which are opposed to Me, you must also know that the spirit of the person is programmed by Me and is innocent of all imperfections.  That is why Jesus said that what you do to the least of My children you do to Me.  The innocent spirits of all people came originally from Me and have My life inside of them.  So if you judge a person from the flesh, you are judging Me. (Matthew 25:37-40)
    Old covenant laws are used by the devil to condemn and judge My children, causing some to judge others by whether they keep the laws that were given to a particular nation.  My new covenant with all of humanity is the covenant of love, loving everyone as I love you; and, as a result of My love, only seeing the inside spirit of a person instead of his or her fleshly actions. (John 8:15-16)  When you are perfected in love, you will have mercy on everyone instead of judging them. (I John 2-5-6)
     You are called to be My love child in the earth.  Spread My love instead of the devil's judgment, and you will live the abundant life while in the earth.
      Love never fails.
      Your Loving, Merciful Father

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