Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Dear One,
    Praise statements from your mouth into the heavens declares your confidence in Me and your confidence that the answers to your prayers, the solutions to your problems and the orchestrations of My strategies are already at work and will be manifested soon in the natural world. 
    Praising Me is doing what Abraham did when I told him that he would be the father of many nations.  He called the things that were not yet manifested in the earth as though they were already done, finished and enjoyed. (Romans 4:16-21)  It was impossible for his physical body and Sarah's body to conceive a child, but they did have a son by a miracle.  Abraham became what I promised to him, the father of many nations. It is written that he gave glory to Me instead of looking at human limitations, even while the odds were impossible. To give glory to Me is to rejoice and be exceedingly glad while waiting for the promise to be fulfilled, casting aside fear, doubt, unbelief and worry and substituting, instead praises from your mouth and in your mind.
     You might wonder what it means to give glory to Me.  That is a simple thing to do.  It means that you state My attributes which prove to you that I am loyal to you and your needs.  It means that you speak confidence in Me for My power in the Holy Spirit who orchestrates all good things. It means that you speak your honor for Me for being a good and loving Father.  It means that you thank Me for all past occurrences of My works in your life.  It means that your tongue always speaks positive words instead of negative ones.  Giving glory to Me means that you speak your gratitude for all of My works that you have experienced in your life. 
     Can you see that your speaking your confidence in Me and your speaking glorifying words of thanksgiving have a spiritual result in knocking down all barriers that you allowed satan to put between us by your speaking negativity into the heavens, summoning demonic forces to come between you and My heavenly family?  When you begin to praise Me and bring glory to Me, those barriers are  knocked down by My angels and we enter into the spiritual dimension around you to do our mighty works in your behalf, spurred on by your words of praising Me for helping. 
    When there is a current earthly sports event happening, there are multitudes of people cheering on both teams, yelling encouragement at the top of their lungs in order to be heard.  Those encouragement are like gasoline in an engine for the players, giving them energy to win.  That is what praising Me and glorifying Me does.  When the words from your mouth speak confidence in My abilities it's like the sports fans yelling, "You can do it,"  which spurs on the participants.  Praising Me and glorifying Me gives My heavenly family the energy and encouragement to complete our tasks of answering your prayers, meeting your needs and providing your wants.  It is providing the energy that comes from unity, that where two or three agree a thing is established.  (Matthew 18:19-20)
     I have told you in the past that I am not an egomaniac who needs your praises.  I am a loving Father who coaches you on how to avoid the works of the devil and how to further My beneficial works in your own life.  The most important way is to praise Me because it slaps the devil in the face and causes him to retreat in defeat when you speak your confidence in Me instead of always speaking confidence in him by talking about his works as if they were permanent in your life instead of merely temporary inconveniences.  Speaking negativity glorifies the devil but speaking positive statements in praise of Me will add your energy to My energy and We will get the answers to your prayers accomplished.
     In times of trouble, let no words proceed from your mouth which glorifies evil, but instead only speak words which glorify Me and continue to add your confidence to My works in your behalf.
     It's still a battle between good and evil.  Whomever you praise and glorify will be the most empowered one because you have added your praise to either Me or the devil.  Thank Me for My finished work in every affair and those words of praise and thanksgiving keep Me actively working for you. 
      Praising, praising, praising, praising are the words of the cheerleaders, which you are in the stands of life.  Glorify My works in your life by praising and thanking Me continually.
      Become My loudest and most constant cheerleader and We will accomplish great things in your behalf.  Praises are cheers in My behalf.  They are words of rejoicing that the mission is already accomplished.
       Your Father of Faith

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