Saturday, May 7, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked about My gifts to you of supernatural wisdom, knowledge and prophesy that include My personal counseling of you, My personal guidance for you, My personal insights for you and everything relating to our one-on-one Father and child relationship.  (James 1:5)  Then we talked about My gifts that are available to you of your ability to pray in spiritual heavenly languages which allow Me to orchestrate answers to your prayers and we also talked about My gifts to you of the ability to speak in human languages unknown to you and then interpret them which are for a sign to unbelievers of My presence. (Acts 2: 1-4)  Those gifts which are given to you accomplish My plan that was hidden for ages, My plan to get My fresh, spiritual words into the earth in order to efficiently defeat the works of the devil, furthering the works of Jesus. (I John 3:8)  They are made available to those of My children who receive My power through being baptized in My Holy Spirit, yielding their tongues to Him.  Supernatural things begin to happen when My children yield their tongues to My Spirit for Him to orchestrate My will in the lives of people.
      Three other spiritual power gifts that I provide to you, as the need arises for them, are gifts of healing, miracles and discerning of spirits.  When medicine and doctors have done all they can do, then I can enter into a dire situation and bring My supernatural healing powers and heal a person.  My healing abilities go beyond what human knowledge can accomplish.  I do what I did through Jesus, restore sight to the blind, cause the crippled to walk, stop uncontrolled bleeding, raise the dead, healing anything that the human body and mind has inherited from the devil which is meant to kill and destroy them. (Matthew 10:7-8)  My healing abilities go beyond what human physicians can accomplish because human resources are limited to human knowledge.  My resources are unlimited.
     The gift of miracles that I give to My children, as the need arises, involve many things, one of which is to cast demons out of people which produces making a person whole again.  One of the other gifts which assists you in receiving this gift of miracles is the gift of discerning of spirits.  As evidenced by the ministry of your Brother Jesus, I gave Him the spiritual insight to discern the difference between when a person was physically ill from a disease or whether a demon had entered into the person with sin which caused physical or mental problems.  As a result, Jesus knew whether to use My gift of healing from a disease or whether to cast out a demon that had entered into the person.  Discerning the difference is paramount to knowing the proper gift which is needed.  I reveal it to My children.  My power accomplishes both, whether the need is for healing or whether the needs is for a miracle of casting out a demon from a person.  My gift of discerning of spirits makes the difference in effective ministry to someone else. 
(I Corinthians 12: 4-11)
      There are other ways that the gift of miracles are applied to situations and exemplified.  There are instances when I give you My miraculous power which will  cause storms to disappear, tornadoes to reenter the clouds, hurricanes to return to sea, tropical storms to dissipate and other supernatural gifts which affect nature in a positive way, delivering people from devastation caused by the devil. The workings of miracles are given as My Holy Spirit wills.
       The most powerful and thrilling working of miracles in the earth is in the new birth of a person, changing the person from being merely human to being born again by My Holy Spirit when My Spirit enters into the spirit of a person and makes His abode inside of the person.  (John 3:3-6) Everything changes in the person, the person becomes spiritual rather than being merely human, of the world.  Joy enters into the person.  My Love transforms the person.  The person has a peaceful mind so that as a new person he or she sows peace in all of his or her relationships.  Instead of being judgmental, the new person becomes merciful and forgiving.  Instead of being selfish and self serving, the new person is filled with goodness and desires to do kind works to others.  Instead of being powerless in relation to spiritual things, he or she is filled with faith in Me.  Instead of being impatient with others, the person is patient and loving.  The person who formerly was evil has become filled with My goodness.   All of those new spiritual attributes come when the person is born anew of My Spirit and is baptized in My Holy Spirit with supernatural powers to change powerless flesh into powerful flesh as led by My Spirit. That is the biggest miracle performed by My Holy Spirit in the world, changing the human person into a spiritual person.  It is more miraculous than moving demonic spiritual mountains into the sea.  It is accomplished only by My Holy Spirit as witnessed to and ministered by My spiritual children. 
    There is no miracle celebrated in heaven as much as the miracle of the new spiritual birth of a person.  My Holy Spirit changes a mere human into My spiritual child, an inheritor of My entire kingdom.  I celebrate along with the angels.
    My gifts to you accomplish many things in the earth, always increasing your ease, comfort and happiness in the earth.  The gifts are from Me, meaning they are spiritual in origin, so they change you and change your earth in accordance with My will.
     My gifts to you are never deserved by anyone.  They are free, given from the abundance of My heart.  They are given to enhance your life and the lives of others through you.  My gifts always astound the person through whom they come and they astound the people who receive them because they are supernatural in origin and they change things in the world. (II Peter 1:3-11) 
     They belong to you.  Receive them and minister them as the need for them arises.
     Your Heavenly, Gift-Giving Father              

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