Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Dear One,
    There are many of My children who believe that Jesus was My only gift to the world.  He was an important gift.  His ministry was to die for the sins of the whole world in order that My new and final covenant with My children could be forthcoming.  My children who limit My gift giving to them only to the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus are powerless to inherit My blessings other the gift of being born again, which is the beginning of their new life as My dwelling places in the earth. (I John 2:1-3; I Corinthians 6:19) )
     There are many of My children who hear about My Holy Spirit and the spiritual power that He gives to everyone who asks.  Some of those people accept My gift of the Holy Spirit and they experience My kingdom coming to live in them with the supernatural power of My Spirit, giving them the ability to pray in My heavenly languages which dispenses My workable solutions to all problems that the devil causes in their lives.  The gift of My Holy Spirit is My special gift of which Jesus spoke so favorably, teaching that He will be the private tutor of My children, leading them into all truth.  (John 14:11-17; John 14:25-27; John 16:7-15)
    Still, My gifts to My children did not stop there, as many people think.  I never stop giving to My children.  I give them dreams, visions, prophesies, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, supernatural faith, interpretation of their heavenly languages,  healings, miracles, the ability to distinguish between the demonic spirits and My angelic spirits.  All of those supernatural, spiritual gifts are given to cause you to profit spiritually, mentally and physically. 
     Good fathers give wonderful gifts of guidance to their children in order for them to succeed in their lives.  I am your Heavenly Father who can see things from a heavenly perspective and I know exactly what is needed to solve all of your problems.  That is why I am eager to give you My gifts relating to anything you ask about. (Luke 11:13)
    I give to you wisdom on how to handle worrisome situations from your vantage point.  I also give to you spiritual knowledge of the root cause of problems in your life and I give you knowledge on how to love the people involved in a troublesome situation while I work on the spiritual cause of it.  I give to you supernatural faith to believe in My abilities so that you can open the door to My works.  I give to you prophetic messages for yourself and for others so that you will be above problems instead of being beneath them, burdened with no solutions.  I give to you intercessions in My language so that you allow My powerful words to orchestrate the solutions to problems and meet the needs of everyone.  I give to you the power to heal all illnesses and diseases.  I give to you the working of miracles which defy human knowledge and experience.  I give to you insight into the works of demons, allowing you to identify the presence of their works in a person or a situation, giving you the authority to cast the demons into hell.  All of those gifts are to enhance your life, making you the head and not the tail, being above and not beneath problems.
    I am your good Father and it is of great pleasure that I give to you My kingdom and all of My gifts of value. (Luke 12:32)
     My gifts are already given to My children.  The problem is that many of My children are ignorant of their right to have the multitude of gifts.  They are ignorant of My willingness to solve all of their problems.  Many are ignorant of the spiritual dimension around them in which My gifts are found by those who truly abide in My words.  (John 15:7) Even more pitiful is that there are many of My children who refuse My gifts because of fear of being unaccepted in their society, fear of being identified as My child with supernatural gifts in their possession.  Those children of Mine love the praises of people more than My praises.   They are content in their powerless lives.  I love and adore them, but they wallow in the mud of their problems all the time because of their choices.
     I never stop giving to My children.  I give everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  (II Peter 1:3-11) There are so many of My gifts to you that are still unwrapped and of no use to you if you do not take them, open them and treasure them, putting their truths into operation in your life.  They have the ability to make your life a heaven on earth, as I intended.
     Your Gift-Giving Father 

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