Saturday, May 28, 2016


Dear One,
     We have talked the last few days about your having the faith to take the advice of Jesus and to do what He said in relation to blessing and praying for your enemies instead of returning vengeance to them.  It takes faith to do what He also admonished you when He told you to refuse to be angry with anyone but instead to forgive everyone who opposes you, also to not pray in public to be heard by people but instead to pray in your room alone with just you and Me, also for you not to let anyone know how much you give to the poor, also for you to refuse to strike back at someone who strikes you, also for you to love your enemies instead of hating them, also to never judge anyone or you will be judged by the devil.  It takes unshakeable faith in you for you to take the advice of Jesus and then to do what He said to do.   My children, in their flesh, do not have the spiritual power to be obedient to Him.  It takes the power of My Holy Spirit living inside of you to give you the gift of faith to deny the fear that is in your flesh which causes you to react in anger, vengeance, retaliation, opposition, pride and rebellion. 
    I know that the flesh of My children, which is influenced by the temptations of the devil, is completely opposed to the leading of My Spirit.  My Spirit through Paul said that there is a war going on between your flesh and My Spirit, your flesh wanting to obey the temptations of satan, which brings death, and your spirit wanting to obey the promptings of My Holy Spirit, which bring life.  My Holy Spirit explained this phenomenon through Paul, saying that the works of the flesh are death but the works of My Spirit are life and soul peace.  Once you realize that your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions are either done as yielding to satan or to Me, then it makes it easier for you to yield to Me, knowing that I have your best interest at heart.  It is the revelation of My Spirit who gives this truth to your mind. (Romans 7:4-25; Romans 8:1-14)
    These admonitions by Jesus were not given with the promise that I would only bless you if you are obedient to Me.  They are given so that you will be able to, in the power of My Holy Spirit, obey the instructions given by Jesus in order to avoid the destructive curses of the devil who seeks to devour you by leading you astray from the ways that bring life and soul peace to you. 
   Your flesh cannot, of itself, deem you righteous and blessed.  It is only My Holy Spirit, leading your flesh to do My works of love and goodness, who leads you to do acts of righteousness which bring blessings into your life.  I stated emphatically to you that the works of the flesh, which easily respond to the works of satan, will bring death to you; but the works of My Spirit, who lives in your spirit, brings life to you.  (Acts 1:8; John 14:26-27; Acts 2:1-4)
    The choice between blessings and curses, of which I told you emphatically, goes on constantly in your life.  My Spirit called it a war for your life, with satan tempting your flesh to do the works of destruction and My Holy Spirit in your spirit, prompting you to do the works of righteousness which bring a blessed life to you and peace to your mind. 
    Life in the earth is a constant battle between good and evil.  It was not that way in the beginning when I created it to be an image of My Heaven.  It was only when Adam allowed the devil to invade the spiritual atmosphere of the earth that the battle began between the devil, who wants to destroy all that I created, and his battle is with Me, because I want to bless all of My children with unimaginable blessings.
    The instructions of Jesus are simply the ways to avoid your yielding to the wiles of the devil, recognizing them as temptations and refusing to do them.  My Holy Spirit gives you the faith power to refuse his temptations and instead to take My advice and do the opposite to what the devil, in your thoughts, tells you to do.  After all, who is your father?  Am I your Father or is the devil your father?  To whomever you yield your will is your father at that moment and you will either receive My blessings or the devil's curses of destruction, depending upon whom you obey.
    The good news is that My Holy Spirit gives you the spiritual power to take My advice and yield to My instructions, assuring you that My ways are higher than the ways of the flesh. (II Corinthians 10:5; Isaiah 55:9-11)
    Your Father of Victory  

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