Monday, May 9, 2016


Dear One,
    My family is made up of spiritual elements which are desired by everyone in the earth and the members of My family exemplify My true character in the earth, characteristics which are sought by everyone in the earth.  My Son Jesus exemplified those attitudes which are always present in My personality. 
    My Holy Spirit said that My family, that being My kingdom, is made up of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17) The characteristics of righteousness are love, mercy, forgiveness, a giving and sharing attitude, meekness and humility.  Those are part of My family values.  If they are not evident in the character of a person who claims to be My child, then the person must be a work in process or is My child in name only and not as being born of My Spirit.  Jesus told you to seek after My kingdom and My righteousness and then everything will be added to you. 
    After a person is born of My Spirit, which is the result of seeking My spiritual family DNA, having My basic family gene in him or her, then that person is identified as My child, by the presence of My Spirit in him or her.  The process of seeking My righteousness comes after the new birth, which comes by allowing My Holy Spirit to change your flesh into the image of My character.  Some of My children only seek My kingdom but stop there, not becoming personally acquainted with Me which changes the fleshly personality of the person into the image of My character, becoming not just a member of My family but one whose flesh is made into My image. 
     Besides righteousness, I desire that My children exemplify My character trait of peace in all of their relationships in the earth, having nothing to do with opposition, fighting, discord, division, rivalry,  jealousy, envy, wars, dissension or anger.  Jesus coached you on how to keep peace with everyone but My children often prefer contention to peace because of their programming by the father of their former earthly family, the devil.  Switching family allegiances from My family of peace back into the family of discord guarantees the loss of peace in the minds of My family members.  They become disjointed again, falling out of peace with My family values.  However, My values of kindness and goodness toward all people guarantee that you will have peace in your mind because you have sown peace in the earth.   My Son Jesus was called the Prince of Peace and I have called you to also be descendants of My peace so therefore you must also be princes and princesses of peace in the earth.  When My first Son Jesus was born into the earth, the angels proclaimed Peace on earth, GOOD WILL towards all men.  Good will means that you bring peace into every life and that you inject goodness into every situation, according to My will.  My angels and I proclaim peace on earth in all of our dealings with My children.
     My family members draw joy out of the inner beings of their spirits and they praise me as a result, proclaiming My goodness and kindness. (Isaiah 12:3-4-6)  My joy causes My children to be strong in faith (Psalm 32:11)  My children can choose to be joyful, even in tribulation, because they know that I will rescue them and bring them out of their pits of despair.  Very often My children must choose to speak joyful words of praise, knowing that the devil's trying of their faith will produce great rewards from Me if they remain joyful in faith.  (James 1:2-4)  That formula is a powerful testament of what joy produces, always guaranteeing that all of your wants and needs will being supplied.  When My children are established in the truth of My goodness and kindness toward them, that is cause for great joy, their choosing to praise Me and thank me for My wonderful works in their lives.
     When My children choose to be joyful in dire circumstances, choosing to praise Me instead of praising the devil's works by worrying and fretting, then the evil one has to leave because you are amplifying loyalty to Me instead of loyalty to the evil works. When bad things happen to you, praise Me.  When you are tempted to do evil, praise Me instead of yielding to the evil.  Praising Me solidifies our unity and invites Me into your situation to make you victorious. 
     Joy is strength.  When you choose to be joyful instead of depressed, you are exercising spiritual muscles to make you an overcomer, choosing good over evil.  Praising Me has won billions of spiritual battles by My children because when you praise Me and thank Me you are predicting victory.
      My children exemplify My righteous family traits in the earth, they keep peace with all people and they choose joy when evil temptations come upon them.  They know that Jesus prophesied that you will have tribulations in the world but that you must rejoice because He overcame all evil and you will overcome also with the power of the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead. (John 16:33)
      Be joyful in Me at all times. 
      Your Father of Spiritual Family Values    

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