Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Dear One,
    You have sung for many years the song that I gave to you about the power that is contained within My love:
    "Oh, there is power in love, there is power in love.  There is life-giving power in love.
     Jesus suffered and died that you might receive His love and His power to forgive.
     Yes, there is power in love, there is power in love.  There is life-giving power in love.
      The price has been paid that you might receive My power to love and forgive."
    My children do not have My power to love unconditionally until they have My Holy Spirit living inside of them to give to them My supernatural power to love and forgive others.  Human love cannot love other people unconditionally.  Human love is always conditional, "If you love me, I will love you,"  or "If you act like I think you should act, I will love you," or "If you believe like I believe, I will love you," or, "If you look like I look, I will love you."  Those all come from human conditional love, and that kind of love is what causes racism, judgment, bitterness, strife, dissension, division, discord and anger. 
      My unconditional love, which comes from Me via the Holy Spirit to those who are baptized in My Spirit, that supernatural love looks beyond all differences in belief, actions, races, dedication, all sins, iniquities, mistakes and failures of others and looks upon the real person, the spirit of the person who is pure and unadulterated. (John 8:15-16)  When you are spiritual, because of My Spirit living inside of you, you have the spiritual ability to look on the inside of every person and see what I see, the need for regeneration.  You become forgiving instead of judgmental.
    A nonspiritual person cannot forgive supernaturally because the person does not have My spiritual power to forgive others.   It is only with My power of love that you can forgive from your heart; that is, from your spirit.  Without My Holy Spirit living inside of you, you do not have the loving power to reject all thoughts of vengeance.  Without My Spirit living inside of you, you cannot supernaturally forgive others.  It was after Jesus breathed My Spirit into His disciples that Jesus told them that they had the power to either retain sins and to forgive sins. (John 20:21-22)  Until then, there was no supernatural power for them to completely forgive the sins of anyone.
     When you are born of My Spirit and are baptized in My Spirit, you have My  supernatural ability to see beyond the oppositional sins of others and forgive them completely, just like I do.  The people who do not forgive from the heart do not have the supernatural ability to forgive others, or sometimes they have My Holy Spirit abilities but they have chosen to be children of the flesh rather than My spiritual children who accept the guidance of My Spirit.  If they continue to be judgmental children of the flesh, they will be judged through their own judgment by the devil, inheriting his destruction.  (John 10:10)
    The good news is that by following the guidance of My Holy Spirit, you have the spiritual ability to love the unlovable and you have the ability to forgive the people who oppose you, rob you and kill you or your loved ones emotionally and physically.  You have the same abilities as I do because you are My child and you are in unity with Me, in unity with My love and in unity with My forgiveness because you are led by My Spirit.  (Romans 8:14-16)
    Yes, there is life-giving power in My love.
    Go and do to others as I do to you.
    Your Father of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness

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