Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dear One,
    My words to you from the mouth of Jesus, if you take His advice, will lead you to the abundant life that I promised.  My words from the Holy Spirit will lead you into the paths of righteousness which will bless your entire life.
    My words to the nation of Israel through which the flesh of My Son Jesus descended became the laws used by the devil to bring sin and death to My people.  Those commandments became a curse to My children because of what satan does to them.  What he does is refer to them as ineffective, implying that I did not really mean that you would escape death if you obeyed them.  The temptations of the devil became more powerful after the commandments were given to the nation of Israel because the devil used them to condemn and judge My children.  Before there were no commandments, there was no sin because there was nothing to use to gauge behavior as being good or bad, as was done by the devil, using them as a basis for bringing guilt and condemnation upon My children.  My words that were given to help My children identify the works of the devil so that they would avoid participating with evil and inheriting death became the very avenue through which the devil condemns and destroys. (Romans 7:10-25)
    Does that make those old covenant commandments evil?  No.  They were given to reveal the temptations of the devil as what they are; but, instead, the devil used them to judge and condemn My children for trespasses, iniquities and sins so that they would inherit his gift of death and destruction.(Romans 3:20)
    My plan from the beginning of the world was to send My very own Holy Spirit into My children to be their guide instead of the commandments which allowed the devil to tempt them, judge them and condemn them, but I had to defeat satan in his own territory before My Spirit could come to live in My children and accomplish My goal.  Jesus had to die for all the sins of the whole world, he had to descend into hell, be raised from the dead by My Holy Spirit and then come to live with Me.  When that was accomplished, then My Holy Spirit could descend into the earth to be received by My children in their thoughts, giving them the power to overcome the works of the devil instead of their trying to resist the devil by their own inadequate power by following the old commandments.
   This is the good news: My Holy Spirit does what the old commandments could not do, which is defeat the evil spirits that tempt My children.  My Spirit gives you power to refuse the temptations of the devil which cause you to yield to him  and then, as a result of obeying the devil, receive the devil's curses which are destruction and death.(Romans 7:10-25) What the indwelling of My Holy Spirit accomplishes in My children, through revelations of My Spirit and being led by My Spirit, is that My children are empowered to live a life of abundant blessings and peace for their minds.  They have the supernatural power to resist the devil and they have My personal words to them so that they will avoid the traps set by the devil in his temptations to do evil, even his tempting My children to judge and condemn others who do not obey the old commandments which became null and void when I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth so that a person can become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit. (Romans 8:1-11)
    The only commandment that is in effect for My children is the commandment of Jesus, that you love one another as I love you.  (John 13:34-35)   When you, as empowered by My Holy Spirit, can love everyone, forgive everyone, have mercy on everyone, do My works of goodness and kindness to everyone, then you have fulfilled all of the old commandments which did not give you the power that My Holy Spirit does. (Romans 13:8-10) The words of My Holy Spirit set you free from the commandments which brought death because of the devil using them to condemn and judge you and others.  (Romans 8:2)
    Old covenant commandments and laws were only given until My new covenant of the Holy Spirit entered the world to give My children the power to defeat the works of the devil in their own lives and in the world, just like He did through Jesus. (I John 3:8) 
    You are debtors to My Spirit of love, not to the commandments given to the flesh of the people of Israel.  (Romans 8:12-17)  Your citizenship is not in the earth.  It is in My heaven if My Spirit lives within you. 
    Love is the spiritual energy in My family.  Love overcomes all evil,
     Your Father of the Words of Life    

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