Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Dear One,
    The prophet Joel prophesied that when I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to live in My children to empower them, that old men would dream spiritual dreams from Me, young men would see spiritual visions from me, and that when I poured out My Spirit upon all flesh that your sons and daughters would prophesy and that whoever calls upon My name will be saved. (Joel 2:28-29)  Joel was speaking truth and true prophesy as a promise to My children.
     If you will reason with Me about that prophesy by Joel, you will realize that dreams and visions are given into the thoughts of My children, forming images in their minds of My sworn oaths to them of what I want to do in their lives.  They are not mere promises, but they are distinct images of My plans for answering their prayers and  meeting their needs, wants and desires. They are images of what is to come and those good images are reality to My children before they become reality in the natural world.  That truth should convince you of how important thoughts are to the futures of My children, that I will put images of things to come into your mind so that you will have immovable faith in My abilities to keep My promises to you. 
     Thoughts are images either from hell or from heaven.  The devil puts images of destruction in the minds of My children and they believe it immediately because it is accompanied by the power of fear which immobilizes them,   I put an image of success and answers to prayers in the minds of My children of success and they have a hard time believing that I can do what I have sworn to do even though the dream or vision is accompanied by faith.  My children need to believe My dreams, visions and personal prophesies to them given by the power of My Spirit.  If My children would meditate upon the prophesy of Joel they would begin to wholehearted believe the images of good news that I give to them in visions and dreams, knowing that I am swearing to them that I will bring My promises to pass. (Hebrews 6:13-20)
     Prophesies come by My personal words of promise and then My oaths to you when I speak My insights, revelations and wisdom to you.  Those personal words coming from Me and delivered to you in wisdom and knowledge are more reliable than prophetic words given through others because My words to you are tailor made for your situation and degree of faith.  Prophesies through other people must be judged by you on the scale of love.  If they are not of love, then they are not of Me.  If they are of love, then you can believe them.  If they come to pass, then the prophesies were true.   My personal prophetic oaths to you are more realiable to you than prophesies through other people.
      All words that you speak are prophesies, sowing either good or evil into your life.  Jesus said it emphatically when He said that you are justified by your words and you are condemned by your words.  (Matthew 12:36-37) You know that people who always speak negative words live in negative circumstances.  You know that people who always speak positive words live in positive circumstances.  That experience should convince you of the veracity of this truth that Jesus taught. that all words are prophesies. 
     It all goes back to your thoughts because what you think in your heart becomes so in your life.  (Proverbs 23:7)   When you expect Me to send dreams and visions to you as an oath that I will bring My promises to fruition, then I can easily confirm My oaths to you by giving you reliable dreams and visions upon which faith is infused into your human mind, expecting My blessings to appear in your life.
     Joel saw the visions of the outpouring of My Holy Spirit and then he spoke it, giving credence to it.  I told you that when you write down a prophesy that I have given to you in the form of a dream, a vision, a revelation, an insight, a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge, what you are doing is giving credence to My words to you.  Writing them down says that you believe what i gave to you is true and reliable.  You give credence to My words.  I said that if you abide in My words and My words abide in you, what you ask will be done to you.  Writing down My revelations and prophesies mean that you abide in My words.  Then what you ask will be done to you. (John 15:7-8)
      Joel was blessed because he spoke and wrote My prophesy and revelation of things to come, the coming of My final covenant with all of humanity, not just with a nation.  He blessed generations of people by writing My words which are quoted over and over again as the full gospel.  My Holy Spirit living inside of My children with the accompanying gifts of My Spirit are the good news of which Jesus spoke.
      Believe My promises and then expect My personal oaths to be delivered to you relating to My promises. The combination of My promise and My oath guarantees the culmination of the answers to your prayers.
      I don't just ask you to merely believe in order to receive the answers to your prayers.  I also confirm My oath to you in whatever way that I know that you can receive My guarantee of My delivering My promises to you.  That's what a good father does.
      Your Promise Keeping Father     

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