Monday, May 23, 2016


Dear One,
    I told you in My Instruction Book that I did not give you a spirit of fear, but instead I gave you a spirit of power, love and a sound, stable mind. (II Timothy 1:7)  Fear comes from hell to entice you to kill another person whom you have been programmed by prejudice to fear, also to strike back at another person who has opposed you or struck you, or to shrink back in terror instead of doing good and blessing someone who intimidates or belittles you.  Fear either immobilizes you, causing you to be unable to do what I cautioned you to do when someone injures or opposes you, or fear causes you to shrink in fear to someone who has injured or opposed you. (Matthew 5:43-45) The reason the devil causes you to be fearful is so that you will do the opposite of what I advised you to do in dangerous situations, which is to bless your enemies and to do good to your enemies. 
    First you must understand the reason for My advice to you to refuse to return evil for evil done to you.  My reason for telling you not to return evil for evil done to you is that I know that if you return evil for evil done to you, you will multiply the demonic spirits at work in the situation if you react to evil with anger. You invite more evil spirits into the situation.  BUT, if you do good and bless someone who does evil to you, My good angels of protection will protect you and will defuse the power of the evil spirits because good always overcomes evil.  My good angels will chase off the evil spirits who cause the actions of evil done to you.  No one will be killed and no situation will escalate into a full fledged skirmish if My children will trust Me and trust My words to you to never return evil for evil done to you.
    Family wars, religious wars, political wars, civil wars and national wars will be nonexistent if My children follow My advice and refuse to return evil for evil done to them.  Evil actions against you will fall to the earth and become powerless if you will trust me, having faith that I surely have given My angels charge over you. (Psalm 91)  My children profess to have faith in Me, but they have more faith in their armor, their destructive words, their arguments, their divisive opinions and their fears, which all are from hell. 
     Do you really have faith that My angels will protect you and that thousands will fall at your side because you dwell in My shadow?  That only happens if you refuse to return evil for evil done to you.  If you join with the evil, returning evil attitudes, evil words and evil deeds done to you, then you have switched sides and you have joined with the devil because of his fearful thoughts that he puts in your mind.  Eventually you will die by your armor if you have faith in your armor instead of Me, because of the spiritual principle of "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword."   Also, if you return destructive words, arguments or oppositional opinions in reaction to the evil rhetoric of others, you will inherit destruction and condemnation for yourself because of your destructive words.  I said by your words you are condemned and by your words you are justified as being My child.  (Matthew 12:34-37)
     My children who profess to live in faith but who return evil for evil done to them need to become established in My love because perfect love will cast out all fear and there will be no actions of their wills to return evil for evil done to them. (I John 4:18-21) When they are established in My love, they will truly trust Me and have faith that what I tell them to do is workable in their lives.  They will believe Me when I said that returning good for evil will defeat evil every time. (Romans 12:10-21)  My true children of sound faith know that My goodness will always overcome evil.  Even in your life, it was My goodness toward you that caused you to repent, turn from anger and fear, and become unified with Me.  It was My love for you that drew you to Me.  (Romans 2:4)  It is My love and goodness toward you that causes you to remain in unity with Me and have faith in My instruction to overcome evil with good.
     Distribute My goodness in your life to others and you will be flooded with goodness.
     Distribute the devil's evil in the world by returning evil for evil done to you and you and your family will be flooded with evil works.
      You either believe Me and do My works or you believe the devil's thoughts of fear and further evil in the earth.  You are known by your fruits, your attitudes, words and actions and what you sow you will also reap.  (Galatians 6:7-10)
     Sow goodness and you will reap goodness.
     Your Father Who Delights in Giving You My Kingdom
      (Luke 12:32) 

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