Thursday, May 19, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked about the supernatural power of My love, the power to change you, your family and your world.  There is no other power that measures up to the power that is in My unconditional love, not atomic power, not electric power, not wind power, not hydrogen power.  My unconditional power is more explosive than dynamite power because it can change the flesh of My children from hating, being angry and fearful into being My unconditional love, also, which glorifies Me.  (Matthew 5:16; I Corinthians 6:20)   My love changes the unloving people into loving people, changes the demon possessed into Holy Spirit born again people, changes angry, war loving people into peaceful people, changes the sick into healthy people, and changes the rebellious people into obedient ones.  My love has more supernatural power than all earthly powers combined.
     There is a negative, demonic power that does the opposite.  It's called judging.  I do not judge and My children must refuse to judge others. (John 12:47)  Judging other people changes the circumstances of My children from blessings into curses.  It changes peaceful situations into strife filled ones which attract every demon from hell to bring their curses into the lives of the people involved in the strife. (James 3:16)  Because condemnation and judging are of the devil, only destruction can be the result of My children condemning and judging others. 
    My Holy Spirit gives thoughts of understanding and forgiveness to you, not judgment and condemnation.  My Spirit reveals the difference between sin and righteousness and He teaches you to be righteous, not judgmental.  (John 16:7-11)  I only judged one being and that was the devil when I banished him from My heaven.  Because he was judged by Me, he endeavors to get back at Me by  judging My children, tempting them to judge others so that they will also be judged by his destructive power. 
    When Jesus taught you the principle of judging, He was very definite about it.  He said, "Do not judge lest you be judged, for by the measure you deal out judgment, you will be judged."  (Matthew 7:1-2)  It could not be more clear, and yet your teachers often say that I am the judge of people.  That is a lie.  I only judge evil demons because of their evil works toward My children.  I separate demons from My children by casting them out.  That is My judgment seat, to cast out from My children the demons of illness, the demons of mental oppression, the demons of strife, anger, racism and hatred.  That is the judgment that I do, cast out demons.  I do not judge the person, only judging the demonic works in My children. (Romans 14:10)  
     Jesus said that I judge no man but that I gave all judgment to Him.  I gave him permission to judge the demons who oppress My children.  (John 5:26-27)
      If you become judgmental, you join the family of the devil and his judgments will come upon you because you have joined with him as his child.  That is why Jesus was so adamant about your refusing to judge people.  He said to judge the demons who tempt you instead of judging other people.  (Matthew 7:3-6)  He even said that if you do not judge others, that if you ask it will be given to you and if you seek that you will find and that if you knock the door will be open to you.  Read the entirety of the teaching of Jesus on this matter.
      So you must realize that there is destructive power in judging other people.  The antidote for your judging people is to make a determination to always forgive people, because I have forgiven you.  Forgive other people instead of being vengeful and condemning.  When you are moved with mercy and forgiveness for everyone, you are My child and you bring glory to Me.
     Judge not, lest the devil judge you also.
     Love always forgives because unconditional love comes from Me.
     Learn the power of My love and learn about the power of the devil's judgment so that you will be equipped with the right kind of power in the earth.  (Ephesians 1:15-23; Ephesians 3:14-20)
     I am eager and able to do super abundantly more for you than you dare think or imagine when the power in you is My love.
    Your Father of Love            

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