Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Dear One,
     Not only did I send My Son into the world to give you many tidbits of My parental wisdom, but I even told you how to implement His instructions to you by speaking them through My Holy Spirit and through the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon.  Jesus told you to never return evil for evil done to you and you should refer to the wisdom of Solomon relating to His teaching.  Solomon only asked for wisdom from Me, not riches or lands or jewels.  From him you will find that He gave many insights into implementing My instructions given to My children through Jesus. 
    A valuable word of wisdom through Solomon that instructs My children about how to respond to anger from another person is that a kind word will turn away words of wrath that are directed at you from another person.  Kind words will negate the power of the wrath from another person, causing the person to cease his or her angry speaking.  Can it be that simple?  (Proverbs 15:1)  Yes, it is that simple because anger has to be agreed upon or multiplied by someone to be able to continue its tirades.  If there is no agreement, no return of anger for anger, then the original anger from a person is powerless, especially if a kind word is returned instead of angry words.   A simple phrase of, "I'm sorry," or, "You are right," or, "Please forgive me," will actually defuse the angry person and all of the power in his or her anger will dissipate because good always overcomes evil. 
     Solomon also said in that wise statement that grievous words from you will stir up anger in another person instead of turning the anger away.  Grievous words will increase the angry situation, increasing the spiritual power behind the anger.  So if you return evil for evil spoken to you, you increase the demonic power in a strife filled situation.  But if you speak kind words, the anger in the person will fall to the earth defeated because it had no agreement from you.  
     Grievous words include words of blame placed on the angry person by you, words of guilt placed upon the angry person by you, words of excusing yourself, words of opposition, any words which increase the anger in the person.  Those things only increase the power of evil in the situation.  But taking upon yourself the blame, just like Jesus did when He took upon himself your sins while on the cross, your assuming the blame by apologizing even though you might not be guilty of causing the situation, taking upon yourself the blame by asking to be forgiven will completely defuse the power of wrath.   Yes, it is that simple.
     Arguing with an angry person, blaming an angry person, opposing an angry person or condemning an angry person, will only stir up the anger in the person and make it more powerful.  My Holy Spirit amplified this truth when He spoke through James and Paul that no bitter words should come out of your mouth, only words which bring grace to the hearer. (Ephesians 4:29-30; James 3:10; James 4:11)  Words from you of blame, condemnation and guilt will only increase the power of the anger in others.  Words of apology, asking for forgiveness, stating how sorry you are for what you did to cause the anger will all diffuse the situation and rob anger of the power which is meant to destroy the relationship.
     In the past I asked you if you would rather be right or would you rather be righteous?  You replied that you would rather be righteous.  Then take upon yourself the blame for things attributed to you by another person, whether you are guilty or innocent in the accusation.  Ask for forgiveness from the person.  You will be fulfilling the example of Jesus when you do. (Galatians 6:2)  That is what I meant when I said not to seek vengeance for yourself, seeking to prove yourself right in anything.  Be willing to declare yourself wrong just to keep peace and to defeat the devil ,  If you are right, I will prove you right eventually and there will be no anger involved in the situation.  (Romans 12:18-21)  Anger will be defeated, which is My desire in all things.
     Keeping peace sometimes requires you to accept guilt upon yourself when someone is angry with you.  Seeking to avenge yourself will always provoke another person to increase in anger and then destruction will be the result.  If you will follow My instructions, you will do what Jesus did, take upon yourself the accusations of the other person as being right and ask for forgiveness just to keep peace.  I will avenge you later when the situation is not dire and unpleasant.
     Remember this principle, that kind words will always rob wrath of its power.  Kind words promote My kingdom in the earth but grievous words promote hell's curses in the earth.
     Your Father of Peace

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