Friday, May 27, 2016

Anger's Judgment

Dear One,
    My children have faith that they will spend eternity in heaven with Me, absolutely relying on that promise from Me.  However, do you believe the warning by Jesus that if you are angry with your brother that you are in danger of judgment from the devil?   Jesus taught that not only are you in danger of judgment if you kill someone, but that if you are angry with someone that you are in danger of judgment and that if you insult your brother or call him a fool that you are in danger of the devil's fires of hell, since he is the judge in the earth and the dispenser of punishment.
    I am not the judge.  The devil is the one who judges you.  He is the one who tempts you to do evil things and then he judges you for it because he wants to destroy My children.  (John 16:7-11) Your Brother Jesus was trying to impress upon you the importance of forgiving someone instead of being angry with him or her. (Matthew 5: 21-22)  Jesus wanted you to know the importance of forgiveness instead of being angry and bitter.
    Do you really believe the warning words that Jesus spoke as much as your believing that you are going to heaven when your body dies?  If you do, then if you do get angry and do evil actions because of the anger, if you believe those words from the mouth of Jesus you will make peace with the person with whom you are angry before you pray and ask Me for forgiveness or ask Me for anything.  (Matthew 5:23) He even said that you must make peace with anyone who accuses you of anything before you go to court because if you do not make peace with him or her that the accuser will turn you over to the judge and he will exact the last penny from you; in other words, you will pay the full price required by the devil's laws of sin and death. 
     Do you really believe that Jesus knew what He was talking about?  Do you really believe that He knew the consequences from hell that will come upon you if you yield to anger? 
     Sometimes My children do not act like they believe the teachings of My Son Jesus about anger because they believe that there is such a thing as "righteous anger".  That is an oxymoron of terms because My righteousness does not know anger as an emotion.  My righteous children who believe My warnings to them know that anger is from hell and that forgiveness and mercy are from Me.  When the demon of anger invades your mind, you must not yield to its fires from hell but instead you must forgive immediately to avoid the judgments of the devil, which Jesus said will exact your last penny.  He will make you pay for allowing his emotion of anger to do his works in the earth.  His works in the earth are destruction and death.(John 10:10)  My works in the earth are making you the recipient of My blessings. I do that by teaching you to eradicate the temptations of the devil by refusing to obey them, refusing to become angry with anyone; but, instead, to forgive immediately so that you can be forgiven and remove any obstacles from heaven to earth which has blocked My blessings from coming to you because of anger.
    Anger is an emotion of the devil.  Anger is at the basis of every unpleasant, divisive, disruptive, volatile, strife filled, jealous, bitter incident in the earth. Your Brother Jesus was teaching you to recognize the works of the devil and to avoid them by refusing to obey their temptations. He asked you not to return evil for evil done to you but instead to forgive your enemies, to bless them and to pray for them.  In other words, He warned you to respond to anger from another person or injury from another person with forgiveness so that you will be forgiven and avoid the judgments from hell. (Matthew 5:22) 
    Jesus said to do to others what you want them to do to you.  You want forgiveness from others so you must always forgive others.  When you sow the seeds of forgiveness, you will reap forgiveness from everyone.  If you sow seeds of judgment and anger for others, you will reap judgment from them and from hell.
    Ask My Holy Spirit to be your umpire, always alerting you to the temptations of anger to bind you to the works of the devil. Jesus said that you will pay the full price from hell if you yield to anger.  Instead, He said to always be forgiving, kind, and compassionate with others. (Colossians 3:12-17)
    Examine your heart and see if you really believe the warnings and admonitions of Jesus on how to overcome the works of the devil.  An important one is that you must refuse to be angry with anyone but instead that you forgive everyone and make peace with everyone, remembering that seeking peace is an outgrowth of knowing Me and becoming transformed by the renewing of you mind so that you may prove to others what is My perfect will, which is to spread peace in the earth.(Romans 12:1-2)   My peace produces tranquility and a life of abundance.
     Your Forgiving Father

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