Friday, May 6, 2016


Dear One,
   We talked about My supernatural gifts that I give to My children which enhance their lives.  We talked about the supernatural gifts of wisdom, knowledge and prophesy through which I speak thoughts and words to My children which contain insight and understanding far above and beyond what humans can deduce.  Those gifts answer all of your questions relating to My guidance and My help when you are confused, depressed or mentally perplexed.  My words to you through My Holy Spirit bring liberty to you.  (II Corinthians 3:17)
    Two of My most powerful supernatural gifts which I give to My children are speaking in unknown languages, both worldly ones and spiritual ones.  It is through those gifts that I am able to answer prayers and do My most miraculous works in the earth. From the beginning of time in the earth My communication with My children has been through creative words because I created the world with My words so My desire has always been to get My words back into the world so that I can speak My words and create solutions to all human problems.  I give to My children the ability through My Holy Spirit to speak in human languages that are unknown to the speaker as a sign to the unbelievers that I am present in their gathering.  Then I give the interpretation of those languages to someone else as a sign to the unbeliever that I am present. Those are called messages in unknown tongues, that being a language unknown to the speaker. (Acts 2:1-4)
    Another way that I instituted getting My creative spiritual words into the earth again is by giving My children the gift of praying My spiritual languages, the languages of My heaven.  I spoke the same words when I created the earth with the help of My Holy Spirit.  They are the words of My kingdom of love.  When praying in the languages of My Holy Spirit, My children are allowing Me to create solutions to problems, plus divine orchestrations of circumstances and situations which change problems into solutions and curses into blessings.  I do those things through My Holy Spirit who lives in the earth in the bodies of My children who have asked Him to live in them. (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  It was through Paul and Silas' praying in My spiritual tongues that prison doors were supernaturally opened for them and the restraints were loosed.  (Acts 16:25-26) Paul said that he prayed in tongues more than anyone. (I Corinthians 14:18)  That is why he had such a powerful ministry, because he allowed My Holy Spirit through the spiritual languages to instruct My angels to go ahead of Paul and prepare the way for his ministering to My children.
      Because praying in My spiritual languages is the most supernatural gift that I give to My children, it is shunned by many people.  That gift has been indiscreetly used by some of My children which has resulted in My precious gift been disparaged.  Jesus was very emphatic when He said to pray in your closet where I hear you and I will reward your prayers openly.  He knew the temptations of the devil to cause people to display My gifts in a prideful way, which results in their being belittled. Jesus said that Our Father will hear you in secret but reward you openly as a result of your prayers which are prayed one-on-one in unity with Me. (Matthew 6:5-6)
     Another wonderful benefit of praying in My Holy Spirit is that you build up your faith by praying in My supernatural language as spoken through your mouth by My Holy Spirit in prayers. (Jude 20)  Praying in the words of My Spirit is similar to throwing coals in the furnaces at electrical plants.  My spiritual words produce power to enlighten you and others like the plants deliver electrical power to entire cities and states.  My Holy Spirit's prayers through your mouth are filled with power to change your world.  That is why the devil fights so hard to belittle and malign My Holy Spirit's words.
    My creative words spoken through your mouth in the words of the Holy Spirit contain formulas for medicines which heal people.   Any scientist who is spiritually discerning will receive those formulas in his or her mind and produce cures for diseases which were previously incurable.  My words spoken through your mouth in spiritual tongues will influence governmental officials to make peace with nations and end wars which kill and destroy.  My words spoken through your mouth in spiritual tongues will set up situations and circumstances which solve problems between people which, to the natural eyes, look hopeless.  My words spoken through your mouth in spiritual tongues will create jobs for the jobless, cause people to send food to the hungry, bring peace to family squabbles, deliver money to the penniless, and My words will destroy the works of the devil.  Intercessory prayers made by My children will save the world from destruction because I watch over My word to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:11-12)
      Supernatural words produce supernatural events.  They change people and they change circumstances.  They create events according to My will instead of the devil's will.
      There was a price paid for you to have My Holy Spirit living inside of you with His spiritual languages which change you and your world.  Jesus died for that wonderful gift to be yours.  Please do not disparage it or malign it.  Receive it, if you have not previously done, and let me change your troublesome circumstances and your problematic situations into blessings from My kingdom of love.  That is what I do, I perfect things for My children. (Luke 12:32)
      Your Father of Powerful Words                    

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