Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Dear One,
   My children must have faith in the truth about My forgiveness, that they will receive My forgiveness if they forgive others just like they must have faith that a soft answer from them will turn wrath away.  Jesus prayed that I would forgive you if you will forgive others.(Matthew 5:12)  Then after He rose from the dead He breathed My Holy Spirit into His disciples and told them that the sins that they retain are retained and the sins they remit are remitted.  So by those two statements of His, we are back to the basic principle of seed sowing, what seeds you sow will be returned to you and they will be returned to you with the same measure that you gave out.  (Matthew 18:21-22) You cannot expect Me to release you from the blame of your sins if you retain the sins of others and blame them
.  Forgiveness is universal, always available, but a person needs to receive the forgiveness before he or she is free from condemnation. 
    If you hold a grudge against someone, refusing to forgive the person, then I cannot release you from the blame and condemnation that satan speaks in your mind against the person.  But, if you forgive the person who offended you, then you can readily receive My forgiveness because you are no longer bound to the person with your refusal to forgive.  Holding a grudge against the person binds you to the person because his or her offense against you is always on your mind, causing you to relive every element of the offense.  Because you don't release the offender from your condemnation of the offense, you are not free from the incident yourself and so you also are in a position to be judged guilty by satan because of your holding onto the grudge. 
    My forgiveness is universal.  It is available to everyone who asks Me for it because the price has already been paid for your freedom.  Guilt and condemnation will vanish from your mind when you absolve the offenses of everyone, forgiving everyone who opposes you of any offense.  But if you hold onto a grudge, refusing to forgive the person, you are bound to the offense of the person and I cannot forgive you because you are willingly retaining the offense of the person in your mind.(Matthew 16:19)
    Holding on to a person[s offense against you will bind you to the other person by your unforgiving attitude.  In that scenario, you cannot accept My forgiveness, either, even though it is available and always offered to you.
    When you walk in faith, you will easily and readily forgive everyone, releasing them from your judgment.  Then you will be free to enjoy My forgiveness for you.  You must pass on My forgiveness for you to others as a free gift.  You are freely forgiven by Me, so you must freely forgive others.
     If you love Me, you will do what I ask of you.  I told you to forgive others for your benefit, that benefit being so that you will also enjoy the freedom that comes from your being forgiven by Me, free from the judgment of the devil.
     Your Forgiving Father    

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