Thursday, May 5, 2016


Dear One,
    You eagerly await birthdays, special holidays and Christmas in order to see what gifts you are going to receive from your loved ones.  When My Children come to Me to ask to be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, they have no idea the magnificence of those gifts that I have for them until they have received them and have personally experienced them.  No exclamation is adequate in order to label the joy that accompanies the presence of My Holy Spirit in the new birth and in the baptism of My Spirit. You can read about them in My Instruction Book and you can hear about them from other people, but until you experience them you are only going by hearsay, not by personal experience.  Being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit puts you in a completely new spiritual dimension in life, one with power and abilities beyond all human functions.
     Those gifts are only the beginning of My magnificent gifts that I have already stored for you. There are other gifts which will enhance your life that are ready for you whenever you have a need for them.  My gifts of wisdom and knowledge are ones which enlighten your mind with truth which sets you free from the evil works of the devil in the earth, guiding you around the traps set for you by the devil, and they are instructions on how to emerge from those traps if you have already fallen for them.  My truth always sets you free from problems, shows you how to avoid the problems and makes you an overcomer of all problems.  My gifts of wisdom and knowledge are varied according to the circumstances in which My children find themselves, so they must be personally received, personally absorbed, personally meditated up and then the advice must be acted on by you in order for you to be free from the problems by your taking My advice. 
     My wisdom and knowledge are always present and voluminous in the spiritual atmosphere around My children and they are there for your benefit.  I said that wisdom cries aloud in the streets, meaning that it is always present and available to be accessed by My children.  (Proverbs 1:20-24; Proverbs 8:1-8) I never hide wisdom and knowledge from My children.  They are available 24/7, as you say.  They are only hidden from the devil.  My wisdom and knowledge are part of your inheritance, part of My marvelous gifts for you.  I do not keep My gifts from you.  They are blocked by the devil on occasion when My children are consumed by worry and fretting about evil works in a situation.  My children must stay connected to Me by trusting Me to have all of the solutions to all of their problems.  I will, with My wisdom and knowledge, tell you the inner workings of all troublesome situations so that you will have a forgiving, loving attitude toward the people that the devil is using to enslave you to his works, causing you to suffer emotionally and physically in the midst of troubles.  
      My Holy Spirit said that all you have to do is to ask for My wisdom and you will receive it.  It is already yours.  He said to ask, knowing that you definitely will receive it, without being double minded with worry, fretting and doubt in your mind.   My wisdom is already available, tailor made for you.  Being confident in Me, you will receive My specific wisdom relating to every troublesome situation that happens to you.  (James 1:5-8) Truth always frees you.  Ask and you will receive. (Matthew 7:7-12)
      My gifts to you of prophesies come the same way, by your being confident in My abilities and confident that I am thrilled to share My encouraging words with you that are given as insight and understanding, spurring you on to seek My truth in all matters.  When you are speaking encouraging words to others you are speaking for Me and that is what prophesy is, it is My Spirit speaking My encouraging words to you and your also speaking My encouraging words to My other children who are troubled and oppressed. 
     It is in the quietness of your mind that you are able to receive My beneficial gifts of wisdom and knowledge.  When your mind is filled with worrying and fretting thoughts playing over and over in your mind of what "he said/she said," your mind is too crowded to receive any insight that I am sending to solve your problems.  The worrying and fretting thoughts block My solutions from coming to you because your thoughts are in unity with the devil's works instead of being in unity with Me and My solutions of wisdom and knowledge.  Cast out every thought of worry and fretting that exalts itself against My wisdom in the matter. (I Corinthians 10:5-6)  Then come to Me with a mind that is ready to receive My insight and understanding so that you will be free of the problem. (Psalm 1:1-3)
     Wisdom is already yours.  Be quiet and receive My wisdom.  You will be free of problems and troubles when you gain My understanding of circumstances and situations.  Remember that I speak to you in a still, small voice in your thoughts, not in winds, fires and earthquakes, (I Kings 19:11-12)
      My gifts to you are ready to be opened.  My gifts of wisdom, knowledge and prophesy are already yours to be accessed by your asking for them in order to receive truth which frees you.
      Don't leave My gifts to you unopened and don't depend only upon ineffective human wisdom.  My wisdom is crying to you, "Here I am. Come to Me and be free."
      (II Corinthians 2:17-18)
      I created the world for you and I give My wisdom to you.  It's yours.  Access it with confidence in Me and you will be free.  It is in unity with Me that you receive My wisdom.   Be still and hear My voice that brings liberty to you.
      Your Gift Giving Father  

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