Saturday, November 21, 2015


Dear One,
    Do you often wonder why people who do not call themselves by My name are often more prosperous, joyful, happy, loving, generous and peaceful than some of My children?  Jesus taught that it rains on the just and the unjust and the sun shines on the evil and the good.  In other words, He was saying that I am no respecter of persons.  That might not seem fair to you who call yourselves by My name, yet there is a spiritual principle or law involved in His teaching on the subject.(Matthew 5:45-48) 
     Jesus taught this truth when He taught that the old religious laws said to require an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but He said not to to do evil to others who oppose you and to give more than is required to those who sue you, to go further on the road than is asked of you, to give to anyone who asks anything of you and that if anyone wants to borrow from you, you must not turn that person away.  He also said that their religious traditions were to love their neighbors but hate their enemies.  Instead of those actions, Jesus' instructions are to love your enemies, to bless those who curse you, to do good to those who hate you, to pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you.
    So the people who are loving, kind, merciful and generous to others are the ones who inherit the promises that I made to My children because they are doing, by their programmed instincts, what I told them to do. By their environment, their background and their heritage they have measures of the fruit of My Spirit which fulfill the principle of sowing to My kingdom, so that is why they receive My blessings. The principles of seed sowing are a spiritual principle that is open to everyone.  I instituted that spiritual law in the beginning before I created people, that what is sown in the earth will reap from heaven the same commodities for harvesting.  So the people who do what I ask of My children without being told  also receive My blessings which lead to a happy life.
    My Spirit said through Paul that those who do what spiritual principles require, without even knowing what those principles are, they reap the same benefits as those who know the laws and do them.  So people who love others, are merciful to others, forgive others, share their fortunes with others, those people have sown to My kingdom of love and they reap the benefits of My kingdom. (Romans 2:13-16)
    The problem with many of My own children not having received their inheritance due them while they live in the earth is that they do not operate in the world by My principles of love which include  never returning evil for evil, refusing to strike back with hands of words, blessing instead of cursing others, forgiving instead of judging others.   Because of religious laws, they do the opposite.  They hold grudges, they judge the spirituality of others, they speak bitter words instead of uplifting words, they strike back immediately when struck with words or hands, they refuse to share their bounty with the poor and those in need, they engage in religious and political wars readily and claim to do it in My name instead keeping peace with everyone,
    I said that whoever does what the new covenant spiritual principles of love requires without even knowing the spiritual laws will reap the benefits or rewards of those principles. (Romans 2:13-15)  And, those who profess My name and pridefully boast to be My children but who do not do what the principles of love require, breaking the very principles of love and dishonoring Me by refusing to follow My instructions, they cause My name to be blasphemed and maligned. (Romans 2:23-24) Then they wonder why they are not receiving My blessings.  It is not because I am withholding their blessings.  It is because they are sowing to the garden of destruction instead of to My garden of life.
    I issue an open invitation to all of My children to join with Me in spreading love and peace in the world.  Those who follow My instructions, whether by instinct or knowing My words, will reap the benefits of My kingdom while in the earth.  It is a spiritual principle that cannot be overturned.  Seeds produce like plants.  Judging and returning evil for evil done to you will produce judgment for you and evil being dispensed into your life. 
    Love shown to everyone, even your most evil enemies, will produce love in your life.(Matthew 5:44-45)  Forgiveness to the person who does the worst injuries to you will produce forgiveness in your life. (Matthew 6:12) Mercy shown to everyone will produce mercy shown to you. (Matthew 5:7) Peace produces a peaceful life for you and identifies you as My child. (Matthew 5:9) Joy produces a light heart.  Kindness and goodness shown to others, regardless of their bad attitudes and actions, plants seeds in My kingdom and produces My spiritual, mental, emotional and physical blessings in your life.  My kingdom descends upon your life in great force and blesses you. (Matthew 5:19-20)
    I gave you a new Spirit, My Spirit, so that you will have the supernatural, spiritual power to follow My advice told to you by Jesus and My Holy Spirit.  You have the power and you have the written instructions.  Go and do likewise. 
    My love, forgiveness, blessings and inheritance are for all My children.  Those who follow My advice receive them because they have sown the seeds of love, forgiveness and peace in the earth.
    Your Loving, Peaceful, Forgiving Father 

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