Tuesday, November 17, 2015


 Dear One,
    Fear is the greatest enemy of My children, not the other humans that you make your human enemies, your neighbors, your family, your friends, people of different cultures, different races, different religions, different beliefs or different social standings.  None of those are your enemies.  Your enemies are in the spiritual dimension around you, of which fear is the most powerful. (Ephesians 6:12-18)
    A wise man once said that the only thing to fear is fear itself.  That is because fear causes you to become paranoid, reclusive, angry, vengeful, striking out at anyone whom you deduce to be your human enemy.  That is what fear does in your mind in relation to others.
    Fear also causes the negative hormones of your body to flood into your brain, your muscles and all of your organs, resulting in self imposed internal turmoil which causes diseases in your body.  Fear does that.  No human that you consider your enemy can do that.  So your most powerful enemy who wages war against you is fear which comes into your mind by news of strife filled events caused by others humans.  Yet, those humans are not your enemy.  Fear caused by the news of strife is your enemy.  Fear is introduced into your mind by your friends, the news media, your religious community and politicians.  Peace is introduced into your mind by My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 10:26-31; Matthew 28:5-8; Luke 1:13 and 28.)
    I said that I do not give you a spirit of fear but I do give you a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:6-7) I always say not to be afraid.  So the arsenal that I have given you is a Spirit of a sound mind that is much more powerful than your enemy of fear. A sound mind is a Spirit of peace, the peace that does not allow you to slip into making flesh and blood your enemies.  My Spirit of peace, who is My Holy Spirit, will assure you that I have the solution to every problem that comes your way, that I will protect you, provide for you, assure you and guide you away from the situations that allow fear to occupy your mind and curse you, spirit, soul and body.
    Caution is an outgrowth of My guidance to My children.  I said to be cautious that you do not become a slave of fear, a slave of anger, a slave of worry, a slave of strife, a slave of bitterness, a slave of unforgiveness, a slave of a fearful mind that lacks peace, a slave of hatred of others, a slave of vengeance,  or a slave of political and religious fear.
   Fear attracts other calamities to you because fear is of the devil and fear is an invitation by the evil one to continue his destruction in your life. 
   Your mantra must always be that you have confidence in Me and My power instead of the power of fear, that you are fully persuaded that I will keep My promises.  (Romans 4:20-22; II Timothy 1:12-14)
    I am your Father.  Faith in Me chases away all fear.  My children must be the ones who speak faith when others are speaking fear.
    I give you a Spirit of power over evil, love for others, and a sound, peaceful mind.
    Your Loyal and Protective Father 

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