Friday, November 13, 2015


Dear One,
     In courts of law a jury or a judge cannot find an accused person guilty of a crime until they have heard all of the evidence and seen or heard all of the related audio and visual exhibits,  They have to hear the prosecutor tell all of the evidence that proves the person guilty and then they have to hear the advocate, the defending attorney, present all of the defense evidence and exhibits of why he thinks the person is innocent of the crime.  Also, the advocate can call character witnesses to testify to the good personality of the accused as evidence that the accused could not have committed the crime.  Most of the time, the accusing prosecutor is not allowed to present evidence of past crimes committed by the accused.  Only after all of that testimony is given and recorded can the jury or the judge decide the guilt or innocence of the accused. 
    A jury is made up of six or twelve peers of the accused.  Their deliberations have to be in depth, viewing all of the evidence, the exhibits and the testimony of the accusers,  Then the verdict has to be unanimous.  There cannot be one person who refuses to find the person guilty. 
    Additional legal documents must be referenced, read and discussed before a verdict can be reached.  Those documents are the laws relating to the offense.  The offense of which the defendant has been accused must be a crime against a written law, not merely a religious law, a political law or a law against society only.  The laws broken must be the established laws of the land. 
     Finding a person guilty of breaking the laws of the land is a long, tedious, tough process before a verdict is reached. 
     My children who are made in My image, the image of unconditional love, often find themselves making snap judgments of guilt relating to others without knowing the situation, the evidence, any actual exhibits of the guilt of the person, or knowing whether there are religious laws that were actually broken.  It makes no difference if there is overwhelming evidence, because the blood of Jesus that was shed while He was on the cross declares the person not guilty in My mind and should declare the person not guilty to My children.  Yet, My children still accuse and condemn others of being guilty of not measuring up to My expectations and their expectations.  All the time, Jesus is holding out with a verdict of, "Not guilty."
     I said that all have sinned and fallen short of My glory so no one is completely innocent in the flesh, being sinless, because all have yielded to the devil's temptations in some way.  Yet, Jesus died for those sins, iniquities, mistakes and transgressions.  So all men are innocent in My sight because of the punishment that Jesus suffered for their sins.  I said He died for the sins of the whole world. (I John 2:2)
     So My children must also die to the fleshly temptations by satan to judge and condemn others, which will reverberate back upon My children and judge them.   My children must learn to refuse the thoughts of judging, condemning and criticizing others because of their behaviors, their cultures, their race, their religion, their politics, their social standing and their actions toward others. 
    That is why I made the old covenant laws null and void when I instituted My new covenant with My children, which is the covenant of love as revealed by My Spirit.
(John 13:34)  All old religious laws were replaced by My law of love and forgiveness.  My love, as revealed through My Spirit, covers every law that is broken and makes the person white as snow.  Religious laws do not exist in My mind  and they don't exist in the minds of My children who are made perfect in My love. 
    There was only one commandment given by Jesus when he rose from the dead after suffering the punishment for the sins of everybody in the world.  He said to forgive others as I forgive you.  He said that every law given under My old covenant with Abraham is fulfilled when you treat others as I treat you, with love and forgiveness.  (Galatians 5:14) Jesus gave to you the authority to forgive the sins of others and wipe their slate clean, just as He and I wipe your slate clean.  (John 20:22-23)
    Wipe the slates clean for everyone you know, your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your religious leaders, your political leaders and all of your enemies. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean of sins in your mind and you declare the person sinless. That mercy shown to others will gain mercy for you from others.  The forgiveness you extend to others will gain forgiveness for you from others.  The clean slate you extend will result in your having a clean slate in My eyes. 
    Instead of looking for evidence, exhibits and testimonies to declare other people guilty of not measuring up to your expectations, apply to the person the eternal evidence of Jesus who paid the price for their sins and the sins of the whole world.  Declare every person's slate clean, white as snow.  The devil is the one who is guilty and he is judged already by Me. (John 16:7-11)   Don't bind yourself to the devil and his judging and condemning anyone or you will inherit My judgment against him.
     Love covers a multitude of sins and wipes them clean.  That is My greatest commission to My children, to love others and wipe clean their slates by forgiving them.  (James 5:20; I Peter 4:8)
     Your Loving, Merciful Father

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